In Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary speech, leibs’s golden sentence comes again

Many reporters like Xiaomi’s press conference attended by Lei Jun, because even the title is omitted. Lei Jun’s speech often jumps out golden sentences, which makes people think deeply. On August 11, the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi, Lei Jun reviewed the past with a keynote speech. First of all, let’s review what Lei Jun said before. < p > < p > the self heishen sentence, which was once ridiculed but is now pursued by countless people, has also laid a more people-friendly side of Xiaomi. This golden sentence was repeated in Lei Jun’s speech on August 11. I don’t know whether Mr. Lei will sprout the intention to shoot MV on the album? < p > < p > in the past, more and more people have learned more about Xiaomi’s unknown side in this keynote speech on Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary. For two months in a row, Lei Jun can talk to people more than ten times, and the longest time is more than 10 hours. In order to invite people here, he said that looking for people is not about looking for people, but looking for people for 30 times;. It is believed that Xiaomi has never relaxed his self-examination and always adheres to the ideal of giving rice noodles a better life. Just like what he said, Xiaomi is pursuing to be a great company. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer