Indian media: India banned 47 Chinese software including Baidu and Weibo

Since the Indian wave was launched, the Indian government has taken many measures to target Chinese enterprises. In June, the Ministry of electronic information technology of India announced that 59 Chinese applications were banned, and claimed that these Chinese applications have harmed India’s sovereignty, national defense, national security and public order. As for whether these software really has such “power”, then can make nothing of it. It seems that the Indian government is going to carry out this move to the end. According to Indian media reports, not long ago, the Ministry of electronic information technology of India transmitted another news item, saying that the Indian government has decided to carry out the second round of decision to ban Chinese Internet programs, which also involves 47 software from China. < / P > < p > although the names of these 47 programs have not been published, but According to previous Internet information, China’s Baidu and Weibo were banned by the Indian government. It seems that these two programs should also be on the banned list. Officials familiar with the matter said that the Indian government is still considering blocking more applications. < / P > < p > the Indian government’s action seems very happy, but it has brought a lot of influence in India. Needless to say, the influence of tiktok software on young people in India is needless to say. After the ban was issued, many Indian bloggers could only say goodbye to their fans with tears. Many bloggers said that they had tiktok to bring their own family life It has been greatly improved, because tiktok’s fan effect has brought a lot of benefits. Even if tiktok can’t work during the epidemic, tiktok can still earn a lot of income. However, because of an action of the Indian government, they are once again in a dilemma. In addition, the ban of wechat also makes many Indian businessmen feel very sad. < / P > < p > an Indian businessman said that the ban on wechat has seriously affected his business. Like many Indian businessmen engaged in tourism and related industries, their largest customer group is from China, and they also use wechat for daily communication. Because wechat is banned, these customers will be lost, but they can do nothing but hope that the government will change its mind soon. < / P > < p > in addition to banning mobile phone software, the Indian government has also extended its hand to the trade industry of the two countries to suspend trade with China, which is even worse for these Indian businessmen. Especially at the moment when the epidemic situation in India is so serious, the government’s behavior undoubtedly pushes them into a “fire pit”. Is it true that the Indian government is really in the process of “civil suffering” Can’t you see it? I’m afraid that for the Indian government, the survival of the people should be compromised for the political interests of the government. Science Discovery