India’s anti satellite missile, once a serious threat to the international space station, has become “India’s pride”

According to Indian media website on November 9, India’s defense research and development organization has set up a model of “India’s domestic anti satellite missile system” at its headquarters in New Delhi. Indian defense minister rajit Singh attended the event. According to Indian media reports, India successfully completed its first anti satellite test in March 2019, relying on this set of anti satellite missile system. And this missile system model is also regarded by India as a symbol of “India’s national technological progress”. But it is worth noting that NASA accused India of creating 400 dangerous space debris in space. According to previous reports of Indian media, on March 27, 2019, Indian Prime Minister modi announced on twitter that India has completed an anti satellite missile weapon test, which is an anti low orbit satellite test. Modi said that India has become the fourth country to master anti orbit satellite technology after China, the United States and Russia. This experiment also proves that India has become a “space superpower”. < / P > < p > despite India’s jubilation and the establishment of a model to commemorate it, the experiment has caused great concern to Americans. Jim bridenstein, director of the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, said at that time that the 400 space debris generated by India’s test would greatly increase the probability of the international space station being threatened by security by nearly 50%. “There is no doubt that space debris threatens manned space flight,” Jim bridenstein said at the time. We’ve found 400 pieces of space debris produced by India’s test, about 60 of which are being tracked. ” Bridenstein was worried at the time that 24 of the 60 pieces of space debris were moving to the highest point in the orbit of the international space station. Space debris flying to the highest point of the ISS orbit is very terrible, which increases the probability of the ISS being threatened by security by 44%. According to media reports at that time, although Prime Minister modi said that this was a “major breakthrough” in the space field, in his view, the test launch activities did not violate any international conventions, and India has always opposed the use of weapons in space. And then acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan warned that the use of anti satellite weapons like India could cause “chaos” in space because of the debris left behind. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer