“Inhuman” Mu Zha bought a new computer and gave the old computer to Nezha for online lessons. He was a good brother

Nezha is everyone’s favorite character. Brother Nezha is also here to meet you. Moreover, Muzha is still a college student. < / P > < p > what impresses you most in your college life? Naturally, you can’t miss the deeds of opening a blackout with your roommate. Muzha seems to be very concerned about this matter, but roommates are not enthusiastic about opening black with Muzha. It seems that Muzha’s technology is not so good. < / P > < p > Mu Zha begged roommates, for this time, please, roommates are not willing to open the black with Muzha, it seems that they have already known about Muzha’s technology for a long time. But because of affection, or agreed to Mu Zha’s request. I can only answer. Since you all said that, well, it’s the last time. < / P > < p > the game started. Muzha did his best. When his roommate asked him to leave, Muzha responded positively and received the captain. But the result is not optimistic. The wooden ROC’s roommate is also defeated. What is the reason why Mu Zha always asks such a suck? However, Muzha felt very embarrassed. Obviously, he had to ask others to form a team and play games with him. However, his skills were not as good as those of others. It was really troublesome. While apologizing to his roommate, Muzha promised that he would improve his skills and hoped that he would not give up on him. Roommate leisurely answer, suggest Mu Zha, still change his more than ten years, antique notebook computer. Otherwise before this, he is resolute won’t take Mu Zha to play the game together again.

finally suck out the real reason why Mu Zha suck up the power of the black, because the equipment is not force, not the technical problems of Mu Zha. It turns out that the computer running speed is too slow, so Muzha always can’t keep up with the rhythm. When Mu Zha heard her roommate’s suggestion, she also felt that the running speed of the computer was too slow. But it takes money to buy a new computer. Where does he get so much money. Muzha talked about his confusion with his roommates. He said that he also wanted to change his computer, but he had been eating dirt recently. What’s more, he had to save some money for Nezha. < / P > < p > it seems that our classmate Muzha is a good brother, and he also saves money for his naughty brother Nezha, so Muzha decides to give up the dream of E-sports. < / P > < p > when roommates heard Muzha say that he would give up the dream of e-sports, he suddenly thought of an app that he used very well in his hand, and there were preferential activities for college students on this app. Roommate says to Mu Zha, in fact, his living expenses are not much, but still saved money to change computer. Don’t give up your dream and love easily. < / P > < p > you can download Jingdong app from your mobile phone, and then complete smart student certification. There will be more student discounts. And once opened has been cool, for youth combustion. I always feel that this paragraph is like an advertisement. < p > < p > Muzha was shocked. He even had such a good thing. Then he registered for student certification in Jingdong, and there were many discounts for students. Mu Zha’s wish came true happily. When Muzha changed his new computer, Nezha came to the dormitory to look for him. He showed it to Nezha and said that he had bought a new computer. Nezha understood Muzha’s new computer, because he also thought that Muzha’s old computer should have been thrown away. So ask Mu Zha, throw his old computer finally? In a flash, Nezha had a black line on his face. He didn’t know what to say. It was his brother. But 5000 hours of online class, is not a little more, but it seems that Muzha did not find the abnormal situation of Nezha. < / P > < p > or, in his opinion, it would be better for a child to be depressed for a while. His mind is now in the new computer, immediately asked roommate new equipment, whether to open black, this roommate agreed very happily. It is pity for our cool Nezha classmates, want to cry without tears. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”