Innovation has been recognized by the world, and Xiaomi is on the top 500 again. Lei Jun admits that Huawei is better than Xiaomi

No innovation? No technology? Only assembly? If you use this kind of vision to look at millet, it is really backward. Xiaomi group has been on the list of the world’s top 500 successively. Lei Jun admits that Xiaomi is inferior to Huawei and apple. < / P > < p > recently, the Internet platform will be dominated by Xiaomi. A speech on the 10th anniversary has aroused the resonance of a large number of netizens. In the eyes of most rice noodles and machine friends, this speech is not only a summary of Xiaomi in the past decade, but also a response to those who look down on Xiaomi. The “three big cups” have earned enough attention. Xiaomi’s transparent TV shows Xiaomi’s innovative spirit, making Xiaomi a world-class company. In the face of doubt, Lei Jun also admitted that millet has many shortcomings. < / P > < p > “since you can’t go to work in the world’s top 500 enterprises, you should create one by yourself”. After unremitting efforts, in 2019, Xiaomi group has officially become one of the world’s top 500 enterprises, and Lei Jun can finally work in the top 500 enterprises. This is the biggest affirmation of Xiaomi. It is impossible for Xiaomi to break into the world’s top 500 and become and annoy the youngest enterprise on the list in nine years. A few days ago, Xiaomi entered the world’s top 500 for the second consecutive year, ranking 422, up again compared with last year. After ten years of ups and downs, Xiaomi has been advancing in controversy. Facts have proved that Xiaomi is in the right direction. Xiaomi officials summed up the three things they are most proud of, and the impact on the entire mobile phone industry cannot be ignored. Firstly, smart phones have been popularized with peers and promoted the development of mobile Internet; secondly, with like-minded entrepreneurs, they have changed many industries and achieved many entrepreneurs; thirdly, they have helped many people change their own destiny. It’s true that you can see that in everyday life. < / P > < p > from its establishment to the present, the annual revenue data of Xiaomi has increased significantly, which is the most intuitive feeling to see the development of a company. It was founded in 2010; in 2012, the revenue of Xiaomi group exceeded 10 billion yuan; after five years, the revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan in 2017; in 2019, it became 468th among the global top 500 enterprises; in 2019, it exceeded 200 billion yuan. Xiaomi will continue its strong performance after listing, and its outstanding performance in overseas markets this year will make its total revenue rise again. < / P > < p > if that doesn’t make sense, look at the rankings of other institutions. In BCG 2020 global innovation top 50, Xiaomi ranked 24th, indicating that Xiaomi’s innovation ability was highly recognized; Xiaomi was listed on the Derwent 2020 global innovation top 100 list for two consecutive years; in brandz 2020 global brand top 100 list, Xiaomi ranked 81st. These are the evaluations given by authoritative and well-known overseas professional institutions. Xiaomi is not as bad as in the network. Of course, Lei Jun is still objective and does not boast blindly about the gap with the world’s big factories. General manager Lei pointed out: “Xiaomi, as the youngest of the top 500 enterprises, is often compared with the old enterprises. It is very depressing. I admit that we are not as good as Huawei, apple and Samsung, at least not as good as them today. But it doesn’t matter. If you have to take a closer look at Xiaomi, I believe Xiaomi has done quite well. “Indeed, compared with Huawei, apple and Samsung, Xiaomi can’t match in terms of volume and R & D technology. < p > < p > because Xiaomi is always comparing with Huawei in China, both of them are very excellent companies, so the topic is very high. However, there are essential differences between the two companies, which are not suitable for comparison. Huawei has been developing for 30 years, while Xiaomi has only 10 years. One is comprehensive development, with strong technical foundation, and the other focuses on mobile phone field, system and smart home, while the underlying technology is relatively weak. Huawei invests more than 100 billion yuan in R & D every year, which is beyond comparison. According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s R & D budget this year is more than 10 billion yuan, and will be higher year by year in the future. < / P > < p > among the listed companies, Xiaomi’s R & D investment is actually quite good. It’s impossible to ridicule Xiaomi for its lack of technology. At least in terms of software ecology, Xiaomi has done a great job in China. However, the “self-developed pork theory” among their executives is also not appropriate, and it is not easy to develop their own technology. Domestic manufacturers should strengthen their efforts instead of ridiculing each other. Science Discovery