Instant finance and Huanong insurance jointly build intelligent insurance Traceback System

Recently, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (cbcirc) issued a notice which clearly defines and requires the definition and scope of traceable management of Internet insurance sales behavior, sales page and sales page management, Internet sales process management of insurance institutions, traceable internal control management, and management of integrated business and self-service terminal business.

the intelligent insurance traceability system jointly created by Jima finance and Huanong Insurance Co., Ltd. The system is based on ai-r financial digital service platform, a star product of instant finance. It provides component-based capabilities including intelligent buried point, RTC audio and video, AI algorithm, RPA intelligent guidance, etc., and constructs a complete service mode including intelligent buried point, intelligent screen recording and three screen certificate storage, providing comprehensive support for the compliance requirements of different levels of financial scene. RPA technology is used to automatically guide and record all aspects of insurance contract signing, whether online or offline, to ensure that the signing process is complete and traceable, at the same time, it can realize auxiliary filling and reminding, and improve the user experience. For the contents that are easy to be ignored by customers and other important contents of insurance policies, the system uses TTS technology to read them to consumers, and can use ASR and NLP technology to truly judge customers’ wishes, and confirm that customers are aware of the exemption clauses, application scope, uncertainty risk and other adverse factors in the insurance policies. At the same time, the system’s unique recognition technologies such as living detection, lip recognition, face recognition, voiceprint recognition can also ensure the authenticity of the double recording process and avoid the possibility of business disputes. After the double recording of policy signing, the system can also realize three screens of recording and video recording of client, client’s mobile phone screen and seat side, providing evidence for both sides of the transaction and providing comprehensive support for regulatory backtracking.

according to the relevant person in charge of Huanong insurance, the “Tianwen” traceability system jointly built by both parties has been officially launched. The two sides realize full cooperation and innovation in business and technology, and jointly promote the development of insurance technology. The system uses no change, light perception access, without interrupting the user’s operation and changing the user’s operating habits, records the page behavior, real-time front and rear end of the same screen, retaining pictures and intelligent video data. The effective order information backtracking data is processed by algorithm compression and multiple algorithm encryption to ensure the backtracking data lossless and safe, reduce the storage cost and enhance the data security. Innovative use of modular back-end management configuration, the use of simple drag and drop operation, dynamic adjustment of process configuration, the realization of visual background management, whether product addition or backtracking ability addition, can be easily completed. While improving the business to meet the requirements of traceable management, it can reduce the difficulty of backstage operation, guide at one time and start easily. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

Author: zmhuaxia