Intel’s new CEO: The 7-nanometer project is recovering, but it may still expand chip manufacturing outsourcing

Intel’s incoming CEO Pat Gelsinger said on Thursday’s earnings call that the 7-nanometer chip manufacturing process will be used for chips sold in 2023. Prior to this, Intel’s 7-nanometer process encountered a series of problems.

However, Gelsinger also said that Intel may still outsource more chip production to external foundries.

Gelsinger revealed this information during the fourth quarter earnings conference call. The fourth quarter of last year was also the last full quarter led by CEO Bob Swan (Bob Swan). Gelsinger will take over Intel’s CEO position from Swann on February 15.

Intel shares closed up 6.46% on Thursday. Due to the strong performance of the PC market, the company’s reported fourth-quarter revenue and profit data exceeded analyst expectations and also exceeded the company’s previous outlook. However, Intel announced the details of its financial report a few minutes before the close of the US stock market, which led to the subsequent decline in stock prices.