Internet Express iPhone sales in China rose 225% month on month in the second quarter

Questmobile data shows that, affected by the epidemic situation in the first half of the year, the monthly live users of the whole network reached 1.164 billion in May, and then dropped slightly in June. The average monthly Mau was 1.155 billion. The length of users and the number of apps opened by users increased steadily compared with the same period last year. Different trends also appeared in various fields. Take video as an example: short video has grown rapidly, the industry Mau has reached 852 million, and online video has continued to drop to 8.85 billion At the same time, the duration of short video has accounted for 20% of the total duration, second only to instant messaging.

, Apple’s chief executive officer, Mr. cook, will face questions from U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday about whether Apple’s store practices give him unfair power over independent software developers. Apple strictly controls the app store, which forms the core of Apple’s $46.3 billion annual service business. Developers have criticized apple for charging a 15% to 30% commission on many app store purchases, for banning external contracts to attract customers, and for some developers’ perception of Apple’s opaque and unpredictable app review process.

according to the latest research data, apple became the fastest growing smartphone manufacturer in the Chinese market in the second quarter, effectively resisting the global economic downturn in the second quarter.

Apple’s lower priced iPhone Se and popular iPhone 11, together with higher discounts to consumers, have helped the company boost its performance in this important market in China. According to market research firm counterpoint research, Apple’s channel sales in China from April to June were 7.4 million units, up 32% year-on-year. Channel sales refer to the number of iPhones sold to Apple’s retail partners, which are close to the actual sales to consumers.

on June 29, the Indian government announced that 59 apps were banned. Many apps, including wechat, were removed from the app store, but the downloaded apps could still be used. Since July 25, wechat of many Indian users has been logged out and cannot be used. Since July 28, some Indian users have found that the previously suspended wechat service has been restored, and Indians still report that wechat cannot log in. However, whether it can be used normally is not necessarily related to the use of VPN. Some Indian users found that they can use wechat without opening VPN, but others can’t log in to wechat with VPN on.

according to the morning news on July 29, Beijing time, NASA and its international partners have assigned new members to crew-2. This is part of NASA’s commercial manned spacecraft program and the second time SpaceX’s manned dragon spacecraft has flown to the international space station. NASA astronauts Shane kimblaf and Megan MacArthur will be the mission commander and pilot, respectively. Japanese space agency astronaut yoshihihiko and European Space Agency astronaut Thomas paisquette will also join the mission.

on July 28, the reporter learned from the press conference of the Ministry of public security that in the first half of the year, 101000 telecom network fraud cases were cracked and 92000 suspects were arrested, up 73.7% and 78.4% respectively year-on-year.

Author: zmhuaxia