Internet thinking Dugu Jiujian: 9 kinds of thinking help you open up new business profits

The rapid development of the Internet has a huge impact on the traditional model of the industry, and some unknown losers may emerge as a new force. The essence of every great leap of human society is the iteration of thinking tools. < / P > < p > a book introduced today is that the author puts forward nine ways of thinking, which help us open a systematic thinking of the new era of commercial civilization from multiple perspectives. We summed up the essence of all of them and looked at it together.

users’ thinking is the core of Internet thinking, and we need to “take customer as the center” to consider the problem. The traditional profit centered mode is really adjusted to user centered mode to satisfy customers’ sense of existence, belonging and achievement. By enhancing users’ participation and experience, a user community is formed and a long tail effect is achieved. < / P > < p > refers to the understanding of brand and product planning. In product planning and brand positioning, we should strive to focus and simple. And for product design, it is to strive for simplicity and simplicity. Simplicity means humanity. Enterprises should focus as much as possible, do less things, do more subtraction, as far as possible on a few things in-depth development, so it will be easy to achieve the positioning of products in the hearts of users. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?