Interview with Nikon Z 501.8 SZ 851.8 s lens developer

Since Nikon has fully entered the micro single field, a new bayonet era has officially opened – Z. In a short period of time, we should be less likely to see f-notch lens updated again, because z-notch is the future of Nikon, and it is also the optical breakthrough point that consumers most want to see new lens products. Among the current several z-bayonet star products, there are two very good portrait lenses, which are Z 50 mm f / 1.8 s and Z 85 mm f / 1.8 s. Nikon Japan headquarters of the lens R & D personnel, for the majority of consumers to do a question. Here are the detailed questions and answers. < / P > < p > A: 50 / 1.8 did not use a multi focus system, but developed a high torque stepper motor for it. We think this is a more suitable focusing system for 50 / 1.8. Nikon uses different optimized focusing systems for each product. < / P > < p > A: each lens has an optimized focusing mode. Focusing drive system is newly developed for z-bayonet lens, which can achieve high resolution and virtual characteristics at the same time. < p > < p > A: 50 / 1.8 doesn’t mean that foreground blurring is not ignored, but the effect of background blurring is good. The 85 / 1.8 lens as described, because the foreground will suddenly become a large shot, so the focus moves back a little bit, which is easier to control in design. It’s difficult to design a place that suddenly becomes a large view, so we give priority to the background. Of course, the prospect of virtual also seriously considered. < / P > < p > A: in order to make 85 / 1.8 suitable for portrait photography, a design using the virtual characteristics is adopted. In order to avoid coloring, the color difference is reduced. < / P > < p > A: if we pursue high resolution, the effect of virtualization is often poor, and the virtualization will become stiff and unnatural. In order to prevent this, the chromatic aberration and coma aberration should be reduced as much as possible, and the spherical aberration should be retained so as to design a beautiful virtual effect. < / P > < p > A: because the resolution will also affect the spherical aberration, the design of adjusting spherical aberration is adopted while paying attention to virtualization. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the focusing mode. We have developed a new focusing method to optimize, without reducing the resolution, but also achieve beautiful virtual effect. < / P > < p > Q: about the z-bayonet series lens, is it a small lightweight design? Why didn’t Canon launch the f1.2 lens first but the f1.8 lens first? < / P > < p > A: in order to provide as small and high-quality lenses as possible, we first developed f1.8 lenses. As an f1.8 lens, you may think that the price is a little high and the size is a little large, but we design such a maximum aperture to be used in all kinds of scenes. For example, you can consider that compared with f1.4 lens of f-bayonet, it is small and cheap, and has high performance. We will launch f1.2 in the future, please look forward to it. < / P > < p > Q: the price of high-performance lens is higher than that of ordinary lens, which is understandable, but the price of f1.8 is higher than the user’s expectation. What is the reason for Nikon’s pricing? Why is it more expensive than users expect? The level of a: Z bayonet lens is set to S-type. We want to offer a product that is as small as possible in size and matches the performance of the S-type, which is the f1.8. We understand that users want the price of lens to be cheaper, so we can consider other products of our series. < / P > < p > A: in terms of the overall product line, f1.8 series and S-type lenses have high image quality. Even when the focal length is changed, the hue of the created image will not change. It’s easy to shoot a video. I think the z-notch lens is suitable for video shooting. < / P > < p > A: in the technical aspect of mechanical system, the noise is reduced by using stepping motor. In terms of optical performance, the change of viewing angle caused by focusing should be minimized. This design reduces the effect of focusing respiration. < / P > < p > A: reducing the respiratory effect of focusing also has a great influence on the focusing mode. It is an important design requirement of z-notch lens to study new focusing mode. This time, in order to achieve silent recording and reduce the focusing breathing effect, a new focusing mode is adopted. < / P > < p > A: for the development of new products in the future, Nikon will continue to develop colorful lenses based on the requirements of users for focal length and F value. The 50 / 1.8 and 85 / 1.8 of Q: Z series are high-end lenses. Part of the lens of f-bayonet adopts plastic bayonet, which I know is due to low cost. Do you plan to use plastic bayonet lens as well? < / P > < p > A: high end products use materials that match their level. We want to use optimized materials to make products as cheap as possible. < / P > < p > A: for the new bayonet system, we have also reconsidered the appearance design. Comprehensive study of the texture of the appearance, we decided that z-bayonet lens without gold ring. < / P > < p > it has to be said that the newly developed Z series lenses of Nikon are excellent in terms of center or edge image quality, glare resistance and point image restoration. It not only surpasses the previous f bayonet lens, but also ranks among the peers in the same focal length specification. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

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