Interview with Wu Dan, general manager of Tencent game equipment platform: the core competitiveness of game phones is the linkage of software and hardware

Since 2018, black shark, red devils, Rog and other manufacturers have sprung up to launch professional game phones. “Powerful hardware configuration” has become almost everyone’s first impression of this type of mobile phone.

However, as a new thing at that time, game platforms did not make good optimization for these game phones. Game phones are “empty have a skill can not make out”, that kind of feeling is like monkey king was read by the master hoop curse, is not “uncomfortable” two words.

it is not only the mobile phone that makes people feel uncomfortable, but also the people who use it. After all, it took a month’s salary to buy the mobile phone, but it did not bring the ideal use experience, which is undoubtedly very maddening.

game manufacturers will really attach importance to game phones, which may be in 2019. The landmark event was the signing of Tencent game and Rog. Both sides said that they would give full play to their respective advantages and strengthen the in-depth integration of software and hardware in game phones. So there was the second generation of Rog game phones that we saw in the middle of the year.

this cooperation has made the users of game phones taste “sweet”. With the optimization and adaptation of game manufacturers, the high-speed screen, shoulder key and other features on game phones are becoming more and more popular. As a kind of initial minority plaything, game mobile phone has gradually come to the public vision.

users like it, Tencent games naturally want to catch up. Therefore, in 2020, Tencent games, together with black shark and Rog, launched the third generation of black shark game phones and the third generation of Rog game phones.

in view of Tencent’s frequent actions in the field of game phones in the past year, after the release of Rog 3, aifaner had a chat with Wu Dan, general manager of Tencent’s game equipment platform business, trying to understand the changes and opportunities in the game mobile market from the Perspective of Tencent’s game.

as for why Tencent’s game should enter the game mobile phone, Wu Dan said, “with the development of hardware, the production level and playing method of the game have been greatly improved. At the same time, large-scale games require more and more performance. Therefore, if Tencent only focuses on the content, it can not guarantee the game experience for game players, because the hardware may not be well supported, or the hardware and content can not be well linked. “.

Wu Dan believes that in this context, only when the hardware and software are grasped at the same time can we serve the game players well. Therefore, Tencent has cooperated with Rog and black shark in the past year to launch in-depth customized game phones, focusing on the optimization and adaptation of their own games. In fact, its original intention is to serve good game players and provide them with better products to meet their needs.

in fact, Tencent’s game mainly considers two factors when choosing partners, whether with Rog or with black shark. One is whether the partners have a deeper understanding of the game, and the other is whether the brand itself has enough hardware strength.

this year, Tencent has chosen to join hands with Rog again. Tencent hopes to make the hardware experience better, such as sense of control, heat dissipation, battery life, network, etc. At the same time, based on the basic hardware, optimize the software adaptation, so that players can feel the extraordinary operation experience on the game phone.

Wang Bo, vice president of Tencent, once said at the previous generation Rog press conference that “tapping the potential of hardware is the greatest innovation in playing methods”. After a year, both sides have made a further exploration on Rog 3.

“Tencent has made special optimization for Rog 3 in all its series of games, so as to tap the hardware potential of the mobile phone as much as possible. Wu Dan said, “we have optimized some scenarios that require processor intensive computing, such as group warfare and driving in the game. In response to these scenarios, the system will do some scheduling in advance, such as mobilizing the resources of large and small cores, making some trade-offs in power consumption and heat dissipation, so as to maximize the performance of Rog 3. ”

the technology mentioned by Wu Dan is officially named” solar core technology “. It is to schedule the GPU, CPU, memory and network of the mobile phone according to thousands of data simulations when players use the mobile phone, so as to make more rational use of mobile phone resources.

in order to make the hardware and software have better linkage, Tencent has also made a lot of efforts. For example, the airtriggers 2 × 2 side shoulder key is set in Rog 3, and the shoulder key width can be customized. When playing Tencent games, users can set the four shoulder keys as skill shortcut keys, and the God players can carry out “six finger operation” to greatly improve their own strength.

during the conversation with Wu Dan, he mentioned “touch delay” more than once. He believes that high-end gamers are very concerned about millisecond touch delay. In order to better meet their needs, the refresh rate of Rog 3’s screen has been increased to 144hz from 120Hz of the previous generation, and the touch sampling rate has also been increased to 270Hz. When playing Tencent optimized games, the silky screen and touch to reach control feel can satisfy the players.

since the birth of game phones, game phones launched by various manufacturers are actually very close in terms of hardware strength. This makes the competitiveness of all parties not obvious.

in this context, “content” is becoming more and more important. Whoever has good content, whose software can be combined with hardware well, will be able to “break through the encirclement.”.

in this regard, Wu Dan believes that content and hardware complement each other. The progress of hardware promotes the emergence of more exquisite game masterpieces, which in turn spur the hardware iteration.

with the hardware gap getting smaller and smaller, whoever can give priority to providing better experience to players will be able to stand up in the market. “How to make the most reasonable performance of the same chip in the game scene requires a lot of careful debugging, which is also the number one problem that manufacturers need to face.”.

Wu Dan said that in the future with increasingly strong hardware level, we can imagine more possibilities of games. More immersive and better games may be available in the near future.

some people may think that if you buy a top equipped smart phone to play games, the performance is enough. Why buy a special game phone? In fact, this involves the core competitiveness of game phones.

Wu Dan believes that in addition to powerful chips, high screen swipe and low touch delay, the most important thing is the support of software for hardware, and excellent software hardware interaction is the core competitiveness of game phones.

with more and more game phones on the market, game phones, like camera phones and music phones, have gradually become one of the important vertical fields of smart phones.

and the next step of “qualitative change” depends on whether game developers can better support and optimize game phones in a larger scope. In this regard, Wu Dan said Tencent will continue to optimize its full range of games on game phones, so that players can have a better game experience.

in addition, Tencent games will also make efforts in market promotion. For example, in the near future, a “hundred million yuan subsidy” campaign will be launched to bring real subsidies to players. “Black shark 3S will be the first game phone to enjoy subsidies. We hope that more players can use our high-quality products and strive for more welfare for players. “Wu Dan said.

we can see that Tencent games are determined to support game mobile phones. When talking about the future layout of Tencent’s game hardware, Wu Dan said that Tencent games have been exploring more possibilities. Whether it is new game playing methods or new equipment forms, Tencent games will continue to serve game players well.

according to the Research Report on mobile game industry in 2019 released by Aurora, the number of mobile game users in China has reached 825 million, the installation penetration rate has reached 73.6%, and the average monthly game time is 879 minutes.

the users of real-time strategy and flight shooting hand games have the highest Mau and average duration, which are mainly contributed by the king glory and peace elite of Tencent games. Tencent games account for 58.2% of the game time of mobile game users. Games also contribute a lot of revenue to Tencent, and about 1 / 3 of Tencent’s revenue comes from games. It’s not hard to understand why Tencent is paying more and more attention to the game market.

according to the report, heavy mobile game users are mainly young students and middle-aged white-collar people. They have high enthusiasm and long playing time, accounting for more than 50%. These users are also the target of game phone manufacturers.

as game phones supported by Tencent, Rog and black shark may have advantages over other manufacturers in software and hardware linkage. If other game handset manufacturers want to stand out in the fierce competition, they must strengthen the linkage with game companies, so that the hardware advantages can be better played.

on the contrary, in today’s game mobile phones are getting more and more attention from the market, both Tencent games and Netease and other game manufacturers should take the initiative to optimize the features of game phones, such as high screen swipe and shoulder key.

good service for these heavy game players is not only of great significance for the development of game phones, but also helpful for their own income.

according to Aurora’s report, the payment rate of first-class heavy users is close to 80%, and the payment amount is also high. Among them, 1 / 4 users pay more than 500 yuan in half a year, and the payment rate and payment amount of class II heavy users are also high. And these heavy users are also the main users of game phones.

therefore, it is a win-win situation for the future of game phones and the profits of game manufacturers to do a good job of software and hardware linkage and give better game experience to game phone users. In this context, we can expect the leap from “quantitative change” to “qualitative change” in game phones, which may not be a distant thing.

Author: zmhuaxia