Invitation letter of Intel press conference: JBL earphone included, 11 generation core will come

Intel will hold a new product launch late in the night of September 2. At that time, it will release a new 11 generation core processor, which uses the 10nm enhanced technology. Now some overseas media have received the invitation letter from Intel. In addition to disclosing the launch time, Intel also attached JBL headphones to the invitation. Hassan, editor of foreign media Mujtaba said that he got a picture from Intel’s invitation letter. According to the information in the picture, Intel will hold a new product launch on September 2. At the same time, he also presented a set of JBL headphones in the invitation letter. More importantly, in addition to the release of the new 11 generation core processor, Intel will also bring a brand-new logo to consumers Intel will start again in the field of CPU.

‘s announcement before the Intel announced that the trademark office had re adjusted the font, and the LOGO stickers were also more flat. Dark black, gray and blue were the dominant colors. The 11 generation of awesome processors learned that the latest Xe architecture GPU would be adopted, and the graphics performance was much stronger than the 10 generation core processor and the APU of the opponent, and both the frequency and the thread were more powerful. After Intel released the new 11 generation core processor, notebook manufacturers should timely launch corresponding products to bring consumers more notebook choices. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally

Author: zmhuaxia