IOS 14 official push: 10 practical new features recommended for immediate use

Although the iPhone 12 was late, the new version of IOS 14 still arrived as scheduled. Apple announced that it would officially launch the official version of IOS 14 and iPad OS on September 16, us time. We should have received the push notification of the new system and upgraded it. < / P > < p > after the update, although the interface of ios14 does not change much, some new functions are still applicable. We have made an inventory of the more practical functions of users here, hoping to help users who have just upgraded the system! < / P > < p > you can select the size and size, or drag the widget to put it with the app icons. The smart stack widget will learn your habits and automatically push appropriate information. < / P > < p > when playing videos with built-in applications such as Safari and iTunes, you can watch them in a zoomed out window. Small windows can be dragged, sliding to the side can be hidden first. At present, only built-in apps are supported, and third-party application adaptation still needs to be done. < / P > < p > when someone calls after the update, you will find that it will become a floating window notification, which will not cover the app you are watching or jump out of the movie or game you are watching. In addition, the movie will pause when the call is made, and the game will continue in silence. < / P > < p > under the settings – sound and touch function, there is a “lower high volume” option, which can help you reduce the volume beyond the set decibels, so as to avoid excessive sound and damage to hearing. < / P > < p > after updating, you may sometimes see orange or green dots at the top, which is a privacy tip! Orange indicates that you have an application calling your microphone. Green indicates that an application has used the camera. If you pull down the control center, you can see which application is using < / P > < p > in settings – auxiliary use – touch, slide to the bottom, and there is a light click on the back. You can set the corresponding function or shortcut by tapping twice or three times. However, the payment function is not supported at present. < / P > < p > focusing and exposure can be divided into: to adjust the brightness when taking photos before, you should click a focus on the screen, and then pull the brightness. After updating to ios14, when shooting, you can see more exposure value settings in the camera settings. When focusing, you can pull the brightness here, which is equal to two settings < / P > < p > 9.) The built-in voice memo adds the function of removing ambient sound: after recording, click three points to edit the recording. You can see a magic wand in the upper left corner. After clicking, it will obviously filter out the background ambient sound. < / P > < p > 10.) after the update, click on the photo or movie and slide up. You will find a line of description input field. You can enter the notes here. This is not only convenient for your memory, but also can be used as a search keyword, which is more convenient for searching the contents of the album. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!