IOS 14 updates the frame rate lock to 60Hz, implying that Apple’s new machine may build a 120Hz screen

In the current iPhone system update, some people find that after the IOS 14 beta 5 version is updated, the frame rate of the iPhone 11 Pro can be limited to 60Hz. Many people are discussing that this may be to configure a 120Hz screen on the iPhone 12 pro. If the iPhone also has a 120Hz screen, can Android’s 120Hz refresh rate screen beat the iPhone in terms of resolution and fluency? However, according to twitter user @ Ross young, apple is likely to postpone the launch of the iPhone 12 pro or cancel the 120Hz feature if it can’t solve the problem. In fact, this is not the first time Apple has jumped tickets, but I think Apple has an IOS 14 beta When the frame rate of the update lock of version 5 is at 60Hz, it’s a two-way preparation. If you can’t solve the problem of driving IC, you can simply lock it at 60Hz, and then unlock it through Ota. Just like the Meizu 17 series release at that time, what was said in the press conference was the 90hz refresh rate. I didn’t expect that shortly after the release, it was announced that the refresh rate could be unlocked through OTA, which was increased to 120Hz It’s software level optimization, but hardware level upgrade. < / P > < p > so the question comes, Apple iPhone users, do you have a strong demand for 120Hz? Don’t they buy the 120 Hz iPhone 12 series? The answer should be no, but if the iPhone 12 series does not have 5g network, then it is really not sold, at least in China, because of the current network experience, it is really difficult to play without 5g mobile phone. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!