IPhone 11 diving 1800 yuan, 4G mobile phone last stubborn!

Users who pay close attention to Apple mobile phones know that the annual iPhone 12 series is coming soon. The biggest selling point of this product is to join 5g network. After using high-pass baseband technology, the signal stability of this generation of products will be better, and there will be no signal interruption problem like Intel baseband phones. Dual card and dual standby will be better used! The biggest advantage of iPhone is the system fluency. Without the support of IOS platform, apple mobile phone will appear mediocre. Especially in recent years, under the toothpaste squeeze upgrade strategy, the majority of Apple fans have begun to be dissatisfied with apple mobile phones. Cook began to reduce the price of iPhone under the sales downturn! < / P > < p > as the most popular mobile phone product at present, the iPhone 11 has also continued to sell well in the past year. In addition to maintaining the first sales volume in the domestic market, it is also the world’s sales champion in the first half of the year. The cumulative shipment volume has reached more than 37 million units, and the data is still growing. Different from the domestic 5g mobile phone market, 4G network is still the main overseas network, which is one of the reasons for the continuous growth of iPhone 11! However, domestic users also follow the principle of not buying the old one. As soon as the iPhone 12 is released, people feel that there is no need to buy the old iPhone. But seeing the price reduction of iPhone 11, I can’t help it! < / P > < p > it’s good to reduce the price! IPhone 11 is not mediocre, 128GB diving 1800 yuan! Looking at Apple models of past dynasties, we can find that the value preservation rate of mobile phones is generally not very high. In those years, the iPhone XS max of 10000 yuan machine fell below 5K. Now the iPhone 11 is regulated by a third-party platform to a new low price, from 5999 yuan to 4100 yuan. It seems that cook has given back the old fruit powder. Compared with the 64GB mobile phone, the 128GB version of iPhone 11 can download more games. Now a wechat occupies more than a dozen GB, and there are not a few netizens who like to play games. Obviously, the 64GB capacity does not meet the current market demand! < p > < p > it is understood that the iPhone 12mini started with 64GB capacity, but the price will still be around 5499 yuan. The fruit powder that pursues large storage capacity also expresses the yearning for 128GB iPhone. At present, this iPhone 11 is the most cost-effective! Compared with the domestic 5g flagship, the 4000 price can only buy one plus eight, Huawei P40 and Xiaomi 10. However, these mobile phones have one common technical problem, that is, poor value preservation rate and high power consumption of Android system. IPhone 11 has excellent A13 bionic chip support, IOS 14 platform flow rate is the world’s first, plus better IP68 bionics and face ID unlock, iPhone 11 technology advantage is still very obvious! < / P > < p > of course, you have to accept that the iPhone 11 is only a 4G mobile phone. Compared with the current 5g mobile phone, its disadvantage is that it can not use 5g network and will not be affected in the short term. However, in the long run, there will be a large number of 5g networks in China in the next 2-3 years, and then the practicability of iPhone 11 will be greatly reduced! It is worth affirming that as the first apple mobile phone to support super night view, iPhone 11 has added 12 million pixel dual camera lens, supporting QIS anti shake design and 4K video. Although DxO ranks relatively low, the actual effect is still very good. IPhone 11 diving 1800 yuan, from 5999 to about 4100, this is the last stubborn 4G mobile phone, do you still love it? gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?