IPhone 11 dropped by 12, A13 + 128G storage, apple mobile phone also “devalued” so fast?

To Apple mobile phone, presumably a lot of small partners are love and hate psychology, love is its excellent performance, hate is too expensive. Finally, the price of the iPhone 11 didn’t rise when it came into the market last year, but we saw the domestic 5g mobile phones gradually mature. Nowadays, the price of the iPhone 11, which is not much premium, fluctuates more and more. Is it possible that Apple’s mobile phone “depreciates” so quickly. < / P > < p > not long ago, on some platforms, we can see that the price of iPhone 11 has been lowered again, which is more than 500 yuan and 900 yuan in the past. At the highest point, there was a welfare drop of 12%. Even for the 128GB version, it may only take more than 4K. In fact, the iPhone 11 has only been on the market for a year. With its A13 hardware core and the optimization of IOS system, its durability value is higher than that of ordinary Android phones. At the same time, the machine has achieved the start of dual camera. In many iPhone phones, it not only has excellent shooting, but also can better meet the needs of daily life. In that case, why did the iPhone 11 put itself at the freezing point so quickly? < / P > < p > this may have to be considered from the overall environment, one is to make way for the new aircraft. Because in a month or two of iteration, the new iPhone 12 will be around the corner, and many disclosed information shows that the new iPhone 12 may make up for the missed 5g opportunity and attract consumers to pay. Its price may not rise, which is the same as the price of iPhone 11 when it comes into market. In this way, the current price of the iPhone 11 must be lowered, and preparations must be made in advance to pave the way for the new model. At the same time, the gap between the iPhone 11 and the new one will be widened, which not only sets off the charm of the iPhone 12, but also does not lose the style of the old one. < / P > < p > secondly, with the new round of technology upgrading, the performance of iPhone 11 is relatively backward. Even if it has been sold for only one year, it will be “devalued”. For example, the chip performance of A13 is not only to be compared with the upcoming A14, but also to the advantage of killing a large number of Android computers when it is released. Now, it has fallen behind a lot. The most obvious iPhone 11 Angou rabbit running score is about 450000, and now Xiaomi 10 and others have reached more than 570000 points. The main selling points of iPhone 11 are compared. < / P > < p > Third, the shortcomings of the iPhone 11 are obvious now. As a standard 4G product, it is rare that the phone can persist in the 5g market for a year. Now all 4G mobile phones can not escape the fate of price reduction and promotion, otherwise, the more difficult it is to clear the warehouse and exit the market. In addition, the LCD material screen of the iPhone 11 does not have a high refresh rate, and does not have any competitive advantage in the high-end market. < / P > < p > therefore, it may not be a bad thing for iPhone 11 to drop early. It can win both sales and fans’ word-of-mouth. To tell you the truth, the iPhone 11 is still quite cost-effective after the big drop. Do you think the iPhone 11 is still worth starting with now? Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12