IPhone 12 and iPhone 11 night shot test: the contrast gap is very obvious

The iphone11, released last year, took photos in night view mode for the first time, and the quality of the photos was very high in low light sources. This is not only due to the hardware upgrade, but also the fusion of shooting algorithm. This year, the iphone12 has upgraded the night view mode, and the photos taken have greatly improved, and the super wide-angle has also been added to take photos of night view mode, so it can take clear and sharp photos in low light source environment. Next, we will compare several groups of photos to see how far the gap between the photos of the iPhone 11 and the iphone12 is? This group of photos can also see the gap. The light on the ground taken by the iPhone 11 shows diffraction. It also turns on the night view mode. The light taken by the iPhone 12 is much clearer, and the light part is exposed better, but some highlights also have the loss of details. Under the low light source environment, the stairs taken by the iPhone 12 have a very obvious sense of smear and noise, the sharpness of the picture is low and the details are lost seriously. The staircases in the iphone12 shooting scene are much clearer and the picture is very delicate, which is the result of the algorithm and lens upgrade. First, let’s look at the first group of night view comparison. Without the night view mode on, the picture taken by the iPhone 11 is very dim and some details are lost seriously. The iPhone 12 has a high exposure of street scenes, and the effect of the whole scene is very natural, and the dynamic range is well controlled. Even the reflective effect of the ground can be clearly presented, and the reduction of details is very high. The edge of the road night view captured by the iPhone 11 is less sharp than the iphone12, which can be seen by the naked eye. The iPhone 12’s roadside shows a more natural picture, so it is closer to the scene seen by the naked eye in terms of detail reduction and image fidelity. Under the condition that both night view mode is on, the architecture captured by iphone12 is exposed more, so the picture details are more abundant, the scene with light can be clearly seen around the building, and the reflection effect of the ground is very clear. The iPhone 11 scene is a little darker, the details are not realistic enough to look very unpleasant. As can be seen from the leaves of this scene, some of the leaves captured by the iPhone 11 show smear state, which indicates that the sharpness of the picture is not high enough. The lower left corner of the iPhone 12 is still more clear, with rich pictures, more details to be preserved, and even the gaps between the leaves can be seen. The pictures taken in this group are close, whether it is exposure or color, most of the scenes are very similar. But the difference is that the lighting effect of the building taken by the iPhone 12 seems to be more exposed and brighter scenes can be seen. Conclusion: compared with the iphone12, the gap between the night shots of the iPhone 11 is very large. Whether it’s the details of the screen or the exposure, you can see that the iPhone 12 is better. The gap is so big that apple can feel Apple’s upgrade to the iPhone 12 in terms of photo algorithms and lens specifications. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”