IPhone 12 and Samsung S20 corrosion resistance test: the result is reversed and the fruit powder is boiling again

The iPhone 12 is a new flagship mobile phone released by apple. Although it still adopts the design of Liu Hai screen in appearance, the screen part adopts the new super porcelain crystal panel material, but the body part still adopts the glass material design. Samsung S20 is also the most powerful flagship phone in Samsung’s s s series, which is also made of glass. So what’s the difference between the iPhone 12 and Samsung S20 in terms of body material? Let’s take a look at a set of experiments for the iPhone 12 and Samsung S20. < / P > < p > the test of iPhone 12 and Samsung S20 is totally different from other violent tests. The foreign media put the iphone12 and Samsung S20 mobile phones in a glass cup, and then add chemical reagents that will react with each other, such as strong acid, to make the iPhone 12 and Samsung S20 mobile phones in strong acid Reaction. From the video, we can see that the iPhone 12 and Samsung S20 have a violent reaction in strong acid. Black substance has been produced in the glass cup, and white smoke is coming out. This is a professional test. We must not imitate it. The reaction of

iPhone12 and Samsung S20 in the glass is becoming more and more intense. The white foam in the glass is also increasing. IPhone12 has first put out the screen in the reaction. For what reason the iPhone12 screen is extinguished is still unknown. But after iPhone12 extinguished the screen, the Samsung S20 screen is still on. At present, judging from this test state, the corrosion resistance of Samsung S20 in strong acid is much stronger than that of iPhone 12. However, after the strong acid reaction is finished, the iPhone 12 and Samsung S20 are taken out of the strong acid. It can be seen that the Samsung S20 is actually damaged more seriously, especially the glass of the screen has been corroded, resulting in delamination. In contrast, in addition to the yellow spots on the left and right sides of the screen of the iPhone 12, the screen is still complete, and there is no crack or delamination. From the appearance of the body, the iPhone 12 is better than the Samsung S20. < / P > < p > the final test results show that Samsung S20 has been unable to boot normally, but the iPhone 12 can boot normally, and can slide the screen normally, and all apps on the phone screen can be used normally. In addition, it is amazing that the wireless charging module inside the iPhone 12 can also work normally. Except for some yellow spots on the screen of the iPhone 12, all other operations are normal, which does not affect the normal use. < / P > < p > at present, after the iPhone 12 adopts a new material screen glass, not only the drop resistance is increased, but also the corrosion resistance is also increased. In terms of testing, the iPhone 12 is much better than the Samsung S20. The whole test process to the end of the reversal, for the fruit powder is a very good news. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865