IPhone 12: bangs thin, mini version becomes the focus, appearance also pays tribute to jobs

IPhone tends to be conservative in appearance design. IPhone 4 to iPhone 8 adhere to the home key style, and the big bangs of iPhone X are still kept up to now, and the upcoming iPhone 12 is still a banging screen. < / P > < p > when the Android camp started to update narrow bangs, drip screens, eyebrow shoulder screens, and hole digging screens, apple continued to use the bangs. This is mainly because the technology of Liu Haiping is relatively mature, the cost of designing a new appearance will increase, and the risk of using a new appearance is also relatively high. The most important thing is that there are important parts hidden in the bangs of iPhone, such as light sensing element, dot matrix projection element, distance sensor, ambient light sensor and infrared sensor lens. Their importance is self-evident. < p > < p > it is certain that the iPhone 12 will adopt the Liu Hai screen, but Apple will not be stubborn. The Liu Hai screen of the new iPhone 12 will be more beautiful, but the overall change is not big. The main performance is that the corner of the bangs is more smooth, the width is relatively reduced, and the abruptness on the display screen is obviously reduced. Generally speaking, the appearance has not changed much, only more beautiful. < / P > < p > in memory of Founder Steve Jobs, the design of iPhone 12 will be integrated with Steve Jobs’s concept, that is, the design style of iPhone 4, such as three-stage cutting design and metal texture. In terms of body material, apple uses special alloy to alleviate the heat dissipation problem and improve the overall texture of the hand machine. With the alloy material, the wireless charging function will not be cut off, but the wireless charging module of the iPhone 12 will still be the same as that of the previous generation. < / P > < p > the iPhone 12mini has attracted a lot of attention because of its low price. It is also the most special appearance of the four models. It has a 5.4-inch screen, which is smaller than the iPhone 8 plus. The proportion of screen and body weight are better than the latter, the overall volume is only 3 / 4 of the latter, which can be said to be very small and convenient, very suitable for female users. The iPhone 12mini is smaller than the first half iPhone se2, which has a screen size of only 4.7 inches. < / P > < p > generally speaking, the appearance of the iPhone 12 has not changed much. It does mean to pay tribute to Steve jobs. The more distinctive feature is the iPhone 12mini. However, the appearance is not the key point. Supporting 5g function is the most concerned place for consumers. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction