IPhone 12 becomes the fuse! Cook did not expect to lose 55 billion

As the world’s top mobile phone flagship brand, apple mobile phone is no stranger to everyone. IPhone has its own loyal users in the domestic market. Based on the smoothness of IOS system, Apple has almost no competitors in the domestic mobile phone market. < / P > < p > recently, Apple’s iPhone 12 series flagship held a press conference. On October 16, the iPhone 12 series flagship was sold for the first time, and there is no doubt that the iPhone 12 series flagship ushered in a frenzied rush of users. < p > < p > due to the influx of a large number of Chinese users, Apple’s official website in the Chinese market even collapsed for a time. After many users scrambled for it, the iPhone 12 series flagship has also entered the “out of stock” state on the third-party platform, which is enough to prove the market’s love for this flagship phone. But what cook didn’t expect was that the flagship product became Apple’s “fuse” after the launch of the iPhone 12. On the day of the iPhone 12 launch, Apple’s share price began to fall. In the end, the decline closed at 2.65%, which also cost apple a lot. The launch of the iPhone 12 series flagship should, in itself, drive Apple’s share price up further. But this time, how can it lead to the decline of stock price? < / P > < p > according to the analysis of industry insiders, the overall hardware standard of iPhone 12 series has been lower than users’ expectation after its release. Although mobile phones support 5g network communication technology, there is no coverage of 5g network in most low areas. At the same time, apple removed the charging adapter and headset from the mobile phone with the slogan of “environmental protection”. < / P > < p > this also greatly reduces the need for some users to replace the new iPhone 12 series flagship. The disappointment of users quickly poured out, pushing the iPhone 12 series flagship into another topic. Xiaomi, Samsung and other friends commented on the details of removing the charging adapter from the outer package of the iPhone 12, making it difficult for the flagship of the iPhone 12 series. On the market side, there was also a rapid response to the matter, with Apple’s share price falling again. With a market value of 55 billion yuan lost by apple, it is clear that a large number of users and capital are not optimistic about the iPhone 12 series flagship. At the same time, according to the statistics of domestic big data, the search index of iPhone 12 series flagship this year is significantly lower than that of previous years. That means fewer and fewer users are paying attention to the new iPhone. < / P > < p > the stock price fell, and the crisis brought about by the removal of charging adapter from the packaging of mobile phone products. Cook must have not expected that the launch of the new iPhone 12 will cause such a complicated situation. Even after the iPhone 12 came out, the subsequent market for this flagship product popularity. < / P > < p > is likely to fail to meet expectations, and Huawei will launch mate 40 series flagship this month. For Apple’s iPhone 12, the most likely flagship product to become a competitor will inevitably cause the loss of some users. < / P > < p > at present, after the launch of Apple’s iPhone 12 series flagship, many problems have been exposed. For example, when mobile phones support 5g networks, there is still no coverage of 5g networks in some parts of China. This makes the 5g function of iPhone 12 look very chicken ribs. The performance improvement of A14 processor compared with A13 series chip is not obvious. < / P > < p > although it adapts to the OLED screen, it does not have the high refresh rate screen of the mobile phone. The battery capacity of the iPhone 11 is smaller than that of the iPhone 11. Only the high configuration version is equipped with lidar sensor, which also reduces the expectation of some users for this new product. What do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message for discussion! Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list