IPhone 12 bought early! Chinese academicians “expose weaknesses” 5g, propaganda is more than practical?

IPhone 12 was released, which is the first apple mobile phone to support 5g, but it was poured cold water soon after it was released. Some netizens called it and bought it early! < / P > < p > it should be more than a year since we heard that 5g began to be commercially available, but how many people around you are using 5g? According to the data of the three major operators, whether you have a 5g mobile phone, a 5g card or a 5g package, you are classified into 5g users. Not to mention the gap between the hard classification and the real data, it is in this case that the number of 5g users is still less than 200 million.

time and again awesome, mobile iPhone12 is released, this is Apple’s first 5G mobile phone, and also supports the Big Dipper, so the fruit powder on the pre-sale day burst Apple’s official website, and J East and sky M were instantly out of stock, but this is still 6299 iPhone12 and 8499 iPhone12Pro after being empty by the headset and charger, and the speed of fruit powder is really strong. < / P > < p > with the release of iPhone 12, 5g voice has been discussed more and more, because it means that several mainstream manufacturers have to enter the 5g market, and according to relevant data, it is estimated that the mobile phone shipment volume this year may be 250 million. After 12 seconds, some netizens said that they could wait until December, but at this time, the iPhone 12 was poured with cold water, and the Chinese academicians took part in the information and communication exhibition to cut off 5g. Maybe you bought the iPhone 12 early! < p > < p > no matter at home or abroad, 5g construction seems to be in full swing. But recently, at the 2020 China International Information and Communication Exhibition, Chinese Academician Wu Hequan told the truth of 5g. Many netizens directly called that this is really daring to tell the truth, and even many netizens said that the iPhone 12 was bought early! < / P > < p > technical problems: it seems that 5g has been put into commercial use, and many businesses have launched 5g mobile phones and package services. However, in terms of 5g maturity, it is in line with the law of development. However, in such a hurry, business seems to be too urgent. We have spent nearly 10 years from 3G to 4G, and we have only seen the results but not the equipment and technology optimized in the process. < / P > < p > a more real situation is that in some places, although the 5g network is covered, sometimes the 5g mobile phone can not be received, and even the call can not be made. < / P > < p > operation cost: This is more realistic. First of all, we should understand that 5g base stations are more intensive than 4G base stations, and the construction cost of a single base station is higher than that of 4G base stations. Therefore, when the operators invest, they will be many times more than 4G. However, some netizens have disclosed that at present, the three major operators have invested more than 200 billion yuan, which is indeed a bit high. < / P > < p > cost consumption: the investment is huge, and it may not be reduced in the short term, so how to offset this part of the cost? The answer can be imagined, but a real thing happened. The total number of users of the three operators is 1.6 billion, while less than 200 million users are converted into 5g users. What should we do? This is what we often say & quot; 5g package is too expensive! "。 < / P > < p > and the power consumption is huge. Some time ago, many netizens reported that because 5g base station consumes too much power, sometimes 5g base station will be shut down indirectly at night. Later, there are rumors. But from the side, it can be seen that 5g base station investment and power consumption are more harmful than 4G base station. In addition to Academician Wu Hequan, Ding Geng, President of Huawei operator, said that 5g in China seems to be developing rapidly and prosperous, but its experience is not very good and needs to be improved. < / P > < p > many netizens lament that they know it too late. They have bought 5g mobile phones for more than a year, but they haven’t really experienced 5g speed. So many netizens said on the Internet don’t be blinded by propaganda. < / P > < p > in fact, under the prosperity, the operators also add fuel to the flames. From a commercial point of view, it is understandable that the operators hope to return the funds quickly. However, when users pay a certain cost but there is no corresponding service, maybe many people will feel disappointed with 5g. It’s like you spend the money from Porsche and experience a car in the second-hand market, and you feel a bit stuck. < / P > < p > 5g is still in the development stage. We should take an objective view, adopt an appropriate attitude at the right time, treat it rationally, and don’t be too demanding. After all, it’s only a few years since the road was paved, and it will take a long time to improve and pave the way. We should be more tolerant. After all, 5g is a major breakthrough in the field of science and technology! < / P > < p > but then again, after this & quot; bluff & quot; may also pour cold water on the iPhone 12, I don’t know if you have started. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year

Author: zmhuaxia