IPhone 12 concept map: if it costs 5499 yuan, I will definitely advise you to buy it

Apple will hold a conference next week, but according to sources, the iPhone 12 series will not appear at the launch. For well-known reasons, even if it is launched, it will not affect the enthusiasm of the fans. The annual iPhone launch has become a festival for fruit fans, so what surprises will iPhone 12 create this year? Foreign media recently released the conceptual design of the iPhone 12. From the perspective of appearance design, it does not have much advantage over its friends. However, the foreign media also gives a price forecast. After reading it, I will definitely advise you to buy it. < p > < p > the iPhone has been a stream of clean water in recent years. While all mobile phone manufacturers are trying to innovate, Apple seems very conservative, continuing its past design and using it as it comes. But Apple insisted on rejecting curved borders, and the iPhone 12 refused more thoroughly, with a four frame stereo design and a straight screen. Compared with the curved border, it reduces the accidental touch and is more suitable for film sticking. There are also improvements in details, such as shorter bangs, narrower black edges, and increased screen share. Although not quite gorgeous, all of these make the iPhone 12 more stylish. < / P > < p > Apple is going to launch four iPhone 12 models in one go this year. The biggest difference is different sizes. But there are also differences in configuration. For example, the entry-level iPhone 12 does not have a 120Hz refresh rate, nor does it have a three lens and radar laser scanner, and its battery capacity has shrunk. But the price is cheap. It is said that the price of the iPhone 12 starts from 5499 yuan, which is a very conscientious price. Compared with the initial price of iPhone 11, there is almost no change, but the configuration is upgraded, the appearance becomes higher, and the overall design is more grade. In fact, from another point of view, it is to reduce the price. < / P > < p > the high configuration version of the iPhone 12 will be equipped with a brand-new lens, the number of which is 3. At the same time, it will also add a new radar laser scanner. Accurate measurement can not only improve the AR application, but also improve the scattered scene of portrait mode photography. But the lens pixels are still 12 million + 12 million + 8 million, and the lossless optical zoom is only 3 times. But Apple’s shooting algorithm can’t be ignored. The iPhone 11’s deep fusion function will continue to take 9 photos quickly through the lens, and quickly fuse through deep learning to reduce the exposure and noise of photos. < / P > < p > in terms of configuration, there are also differences between iphone12 and iphone12pro. The former is 4G memory, and the latter is 6G memory. However, no matter which model it is, it will adopt A14 bionic chipset, support 5g network, and be equipped with snapdragon x55 baseband provided by Qualcomm, and the signal will also be improved. These upgrades are the largest in history, and we should know that all previous iPhone upgrades are based on the processor. Unfortunately, in terms of accessories, there is no 18W fast charging and headphone cable. This is also to maintain the pricing strategy, but also to control costs. < / P > < p > the upgrade of iPhone 12 series is so large, but the price forecast given by foreign media is from 5499 yuan of BOC version. If you really sell this price, the sales volume will be very hot. The upgrade is so big, but there is no price increase. However, such pricing is also in line with Apple’s current strategy, that is to reduce the iPhone sales revenue, lower the product threshold, increase the number of users, and increase the overall revenue through value-added services. If you buy from 5499 yuan, I will definitely advise you to buy it. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list