IPhone 12 configuration announced in advance, top version “all available”, 350 million fruit powder waiting for replacement

A few days ago, the news that Apple’s market value exceeded $2 trillion ignited hot search. As a result, apple became the second company with a market value of $2 trillion in the world, and Saudi Aramco was the first. What’s more, the launch of the iPhone 12 series is approaching, which is expected to push Apple’s market value to a new high again. It’s worth noting that the iPhone 12 series will catch up with a wave of iPhone changes.

the iPhone series has a long service life and consumers’ demand for phone replacement has weakened, so the growth of new iPhone products has been somewhat sluggish in recent years. At present, more than 68% of users in China alone have iPhones more than two years old. But according to a report released by Morgan Stanley, the iPhone 12 series will trigger the largest upgrade cycle in China in four years. This will drive the growth of Apple’s iPhone shipments.

according to analyst Dniel lves, there are 350 million iPhones in the upgrade window. Apple will face a “once-in-a-decade opportunity” in 12-18 months. Thus, the iPhone 12 series has a key impact on apple. At present, the cooperation of iPhone 12 has been announced in advance, and the top version is “all available”. According to reports, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is scheduled to be released on October 12.

the configuration of Apple A14 chip, 5g and IOS 14 system based on 5nm process is no secret. At the same time, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be upgraded to a rear Quad camera with three lenses of 12 megapixels, namely wide-angle lens, telephoto lens and ultra wide-angle lens. At the same time, an additional 3D TOF depth of field lens will be equipped to bring more natural virtual effect and upgrade the imaging effect.

in addition, the front end of the iPhone 12 Pro Max has also been improved. The configuration of 12 megapixel wide-angle lens + 3D lens will naturally enrich the playing methods. From the point of view of the video system, the improvement of the top version of iPhone 12 is satisfactory. In other respects, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is no laggard, with a large 6.7-inch screen, an XDR OLED screen. With 442ppi + 1242 × 2688 resolution + HDR 10 +, the picture of iPhone 12 Pro Max is clearer.

previously, there was no accurate information about whether the iPhone 12 Pro Max supports high brush. According to the latest information, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will support 120Hz high brush, which is very exciting. The iPhone with excellent fluency, combined with 120Hz high brush, will bring the general operation experience, which is very expected. At the same time, IP68 waterproof and dustproof, Bluetooth 5.1 and so on are not absent.

this time, the iPhone 12 Pro Max can be said to have everything, with a lot of weight. It is reported that the iPhone 12 series will be available in grey, silver, green, blue and gold. The storage capacity is 6GB, with 128GB, 256gb and 512gb available. Judging from the configuration of the iPhone 12 Pro max, the iPhone 12 series is confident to face this wave of iPhone replacement. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year