IPhone 12 dust settled, such an upgrade, Wang Shouyi dare not say thirteen incense

Nowadays, the iPhone product line adheres to the principle of “one castration every year and one small change in two years”. As the first step to support 5g iPhones, some configurations of iphone12 have been improved so little that many netizens think: < / P > < p > in addition to the signal changing from 4G to 5g, all the improvements of iPhone 12 are very small, and some configurations are castrated. For example, the A14 processor, compared with the A13, has a 40% improvement, but actually it is the A14 of the iPad air3, and the iPhone 12 is equipped with a castrated version. Careful friends can study the running score data. Whether it is multi-core performance or single core performance, the score of the iPhone 12 is much lower than that of the iPad air3 with A14. < / P > < p > the performance improvement of the iPhone 12 camera is also very poor, and the additional lidar function is a chicken rib function for ordinary users. The main camera still has 12 million pixels. Today’s Android has more than 100 million pixels, which is not even as good as Android’s medium and low-end mobile phones. Although pixels can’t tell everything, more is better than less. In terms of the number of cameras, the mini version and the ordinary version have two, and the high configuration version has three more telephoto lenses. In addition, the iPhone 12’s optical zoom is only 4 times, and the hybrid zoom is also relatively low. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance, the iPhone 12 still sticks to big bangs and only makes simple improvements, which is in line with Apple’s conservative style. But the middle frame design and metal texture are very ornamental, after all, it has the taste of jobs. As for the battery life, the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 has also been castrated, and the capacity of the top equipped version has not exceeded 4000 Ma; the wired fast charging of the iPhone 12 has been increased from 18W to 20W, and the wireless fast charging has been 15W. The Xiaomi wired fast charging next door has broken through 120W, and the wireless fast charging has reached the level of 80W. What’s more, the iPhone 12 doesn’t even send a charger. It costs about 500 yuan to buy it by itself. It’s really cheap. < / P > < p > if things go on like this, the improvement of iPhone 13 will be as small as ever. At that time, Wang Shouyi could not guarantee that the 13 would be more fragrant. After all, the biggest bright spot of this generation is 5g. There is no place to upgrade the iPhone 13. The configuration will be as “beggar” as always. Not surprisingly, in addition to processor performance improvements, the iPhone 13’s improvements in terms of camera, appearance, and battery life will remain small. < p > < p > however, netizens claimed that Shisanxiang was hot searched because of the low configuration of iphone12. As a result, as soon as apple started pre purchase, millions of stocks were snapped up, which directly refreshed Apple’s single sales performance, and the slogan of “Zhenxiang” rang through the whole network. In the future, even if the iPhone 13 doesn’t smell good at all, consumers will rush to buy it, who will let it be apple. Privacy Policy

Author: zmhuaxia