IPhone 12 encounters “embarrassing break” in China

iPhone, the flagship smartphone that apple just launched, has suffered a price break in the Chinese mainland market. “Mobile phone” 12 ” On October 23, on the first day of the official delivery of the iPhone 12 series, there were long queues at Apple stores around the country. Some consumers even chose to increase the price to buy from “scalpers”. The price increase of high-end iPhone 12 Pro was more than 1500 yuan at one time. However, just a few days after the launch, the price of the iPhone 12 fell sharply, and some sellers even sold at a price lower than the official website. It is worth noting that only a week after Apple’s new machine was launched, Huawei mate 40 international version will be officially launched on October 30. < / P > < p > Apple’s “break” reflects the popularity of brands in China’s smart machine market to a certain extent. Mobile phone mobile phone mobile phone sales in the third quarter of October 29th, released by Trustdata big data, showed that HUAWEI mobile sales continued to lead in the Chinese mainland market in the third quarter of this year, and sold about 28 million 800 thousand smart phones. The top three of HUAWEI’s, vivo, and OPPO’s smartphone sales accounted for 69.8% of the total quarter of the quarter, while Apple was left behind the domestic brands of China Mobile. 。 < p > < p > after apple and Huawei launched their latest flagship 5g smartphones in October, the global smartphone sales competition has entered a “decisive stage”. According to the latest research report of the consulting company “strategic analysis”, with the arrival of the Christmas shopping season, Apple’s iPhone 12 sales are expected to achieve good results, which is expected to help Apple surpass Samsung and Huawei to become the world’s top 5g smartphone brand in the second half of this year. In the first half of this year, the global 5g smartphone industry’s total revenue reached a record $34 billion, with Samsung and Huawei occupying the top two. Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5g is the world’s largest 5g smartphone in the first half of this year, while Huawei’s P40 Pro 5g and mate 305g ranked fourth and fifth respectively. ▲ Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer