IPhone 12 exposed again! 5g + 120Hz refresh rate, the price is really conscience!

With September approaching, Xiaomi 10 supreme and Samsung note ultra have opened this year’s flagship competition of major brands, and the two most eye-catching models are Apple’s iPhone 12 and Huawei’s mate 40. Although the design of the iPhone 12 is still not very innovative, it has become a “upstart” in 5g club because it joined the 5g competition for the first time. Recently, more and more information about iPhone 12 has been disclosed. It is reported that the launch of iPhone 12 will be postponed to around October 13. Due to the epidemic situation, it will still be held in the form of online live broadcast.

recently, at a time when the information about the exposure of iPhone 12 is approaching the truth, there is another “heavy whistleblower”, who participated in the keynote speech. It can be said that this is a big leak! The person said that Apple was recording video of the online launch and also disclosed the specifications and models of the iPhone 12 and the price of the new device.

in terms of appearance, the body of iphone12 and 12max will be made of aluminum alloy, and the iphone12 and 12pro Max will be made of stainless steel. However, in order to preserve the faceid and ensure the security of faceid, apple can not remove some components and still have to keep bangs. However, compared with the iPhone 11, the gap of bangs will be greatly reduced. In addition, the iPhone 12 will adopt the similar appearance of iPhone 4. It seems that cook wants to combine “nostalgia” with “cutting-edge technology” to stimulate consumers’ desire to buy!

in terms of 5g, although the iPhone 12 series supports 5g function, the 5g Band supported by different models is not the same. It is revealed that the ordinary version of iphone12 only supports 5g intermediate frequency sub-6ghz, while the iPhone 12pro and above only support sub-6 + high-frequency millimeter wave. However, as domestic consumers, we do not need to consider the impact of frequency band, because the domestic 5g frequency is adopted All sub-6 band, if you are business people who often travel, especially in the United States, you can consider the iPhone 12pro, because 5g in the United States uses high-frequency millimeter wave technology.

in terms of screen refresh rate, the media disclosed that the lack of a core function of iphone12 will lead to the failure of iphone12 to be “hard steel” with domestic Android phones, which is the high-frequency refresh rate. This time, the leaked information shows that the iphone12pro and iphone12pro are not compatible Max will adopt a high-frequency refresh rate of 120Hz, and the screen refresh rate is also set according to the IOS 14 developer test version, which indirectly proves that the iPhone 12 supports high-frequency refresh rate. Although battery life has always been a weakness that Apple has not been able to solve in recent years, the advantage of low power consumption can make up for the problem of high refresh rate and power consumption due to Apple’s 5nm process A14 processor.

with the launch of iphone12, Huawei has caught up with Android in terms of 5g and refresh rate, which makes Huawei mate 40 the most troublesome problem at present. As the Kirin 9000 on mate40 will become out of print on September 14, and the United States once again puts pressure on Huawei to prohibit Huawei from purchasing finished chips from third-party chip companies, which will lead to the shortage of mate40 series Time is also very helpless! What’s more, Huawei may be absent from the contest between iPhone 13 and mate 50, which makes Netizens feel sorry! Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865