IPhone 12 falls into the “signal gate” again and hopes for “13 fragrance” under the storm?

As a fruit powder, have you ever encountered the embarrassment of not responding to the iPhone scanning code when queuing for payment, or the embarrassment of giving up halfway due to network problems when filling in the health code information? Recently, Apple’s first iPhone 12 series mobile phone with 5g support has been exposed to signal instability. Many users reported that their mobile phone network services will be accidentally dropped. Make complaints about

, though Apple has not responded yet, but users have been having a long-standing iPhone Tucao. The more people start iPhone 12 series, the more obvious the signal problem is. It is reported that apple is developing its own antenna package in order to solve the signal problem of the next generation. Is it true that apple is still “13 fragrance”?

according to foreign media 9to5 Mac, although the iPhone 12 uses high pass baseband throughout the system, the signal problem that has been criticized has not been solved in terms of actual performance. Users reported that the iPhone 12 network service will be accidentally dropped, and users encounter the most when driving or traveling. The above situation is mainly concentrated in foreign users, including Verizon users and at & T users. < / P > < p > from the current feedback, it is not an example that the iPhone 12 series network is offline. Although the specific details are not clear at present, some people speculate that there is a problem in the process of the new machine processing the switch tower. < / P > < p > in fact, in early November, users of Apple community, post bar and other domestic and foreign platforms began to focus on the poor signal of iPhone 12.

has mobile phone online shopping make complaints about the iPhone12 phone purchased on Apple’s official website, which has been completely lost at least 8 times in 10 days. It has to be repeated many times by restoring or restoring the network settings. Some consumers said that the mobile phone can not automatically recover when there is no signal, and there is no way to restart the mobile phone or restore the network settings. < / P > < p > in Jingdong, one of the most popular bad reviews about iPhone 12 is about signal difference: “signal difference signal difference signal difference signal difference signal difference has not changed at all, regret buying”. This comment has hundreds of replies, which must have aroused everyone’s resonance. As everyone knows, the A14 bionic processor adopted by iPhone 12 series has a high pass baseband attached to it. It should not be such a large signal problem. But in practice, such network experience has happened again and again, and even some netizens make complaints about iPhone X, but even iPhone X. < p > < p > for this, apple customer service provides three solutions: the first is to re insert the SIM card, the second is to update the operator settings, and the third is to check the system version. If it is not updated, update to the latest system as soon as possible. The signal problem of < / P > < p > has always been a hard injury of apple. It goes back as far as the iPhone 4 of jobs. When the iPhone 4 was released in 2010, some American netizens pointed out the fatal defect of the design of the iPhone 4 frame antenna on the forum. When the user holds the mobile phone and makes a phone call, the call is often interrupted. Netizens call it “the grip of death”. As more and more similar situations appear on the network, the incident becomes more and more serious and becomes “antenna gate”. Finally, apple gives the corresponding solution: in the future, the signal problem will be optimized by software upgrade.

but after this event, with the generation of iPhone’s release, users make complaints about signals. Since the iPhone 7, Apple has gradually abandoned the high pass baseband to choose Intel. The iPhone XS series uses Intel baseband. As the first apple mobile phone that supports dual card and dual standby, there is often no signal when two mobile phone cards are installed on the iPhone XS series. From the technical point of view, the signal strength of mobile phone is a complex system problem, involving baseband chip, antenna design, RF components and other links. The iPhone signal differential was widely considered to be a suck for Intel’s baseband chips. However, Zhihu, an anonymous user who claimed to be Huawei’s antenna engineer, believes that the poor signal of the iPhone XS is not in the baseband, but in the antenna design. He pointed out that the iPhone XS used 4×4 MIMO for the first time on the antenna, but “the isolation degree of the 4×4 MIMO antenna working at the same frequency is very difficult to solve”. < p > < p > iPhone 11 users also know this. A search on Baidu for “iPhone 11 bad signal” yielded 8.41 million results. Judging from the response of fruit powder in various forums, the signal of iPhone 11 is also a rather bad generation. < / P > < p > today, all the staff of the iPhone 12 series adopt the high pass x55 5g baseband chip. We thought that as long as we use the high pass baseband, the signal of the iPhone 12 will be completely solved. However, judging from the feedback from many iPhone 12 users, the signal of iPhone 12 has not improved as expected. Obviously, the problem is not in the baseband chip. After all, the Android flagship, which also uses the high pass x55 baseband, does not have poor signal. It is also a consensus in the industry that the signal of iPhone is inferior to that of Android phone. Before, a manufacturer had made a product comparison in-house. Under the condition of using the 5g network of the same operator, the result showed that the average delay of iPhone 12 was within 30ms-100ms, and the delay was higher than 100ms intermittently. However, the average delay of the other mobile phone is less than 30ms. < p > < p > the release of iphone12 once caused a consumption boom, but the apple signal problem behind the boom is becoming more and more obvious, which undoubtedly has affected the consumer enthusiasm, and even hurt Apple’s market share and brand influence. < / P > < p > the signal difference caused by the design defect of iPhone antenna is a high probability event. Apple is not indifferent to the iPhone’s signal problems. In this year’s iPhone 12, Apple has already taken action. For example, in the U.S. market, the iPhone 12 is equipped with a 5g packaged antenna designed by apple to support millimeter wave, so as to improve signal problems. At the same time, apple spent a lot of money to acquire Intel modem department, also in preparation for self-developed baseband chip. < / P > < p > however, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and apple urgently needs to raise the iPhone signal to a higher level. Recently, it is reported that apple is increasing its investment in the design and development of its own antenna. Apple will continue to increase the proportion of self-developed packaged antennas on the iPhone 13 series, and the RF front-end module will also be included in Apple’s future independent plans. The so-called front-end module is the core component of the communication system, which mainly plays the role of receiving and transmitting RF signals. It includes power amplifier, duplexer, RF switch, filter and low-noise amplifier. The FEM is far away from the baseband and and close to the antenna, which is why the FEM device is called “front end”. In this regard, some industry insiders said that with 5g becoming more and more commercialized, the integration of rf-fem is getting higher and higher. When the mobile phone needs more and more rf-fem devices, rf-fem must increase the integration to control the actual size of the whole RF system in an appropriate range. If the iPhone 13 can use self-developed RF front-end module, Apple’s signal poor problem may be solved perfectly. Science Discovery