IPhone 12 final price exposure, even refresh rate has a turnaround!

I believe that Apple fans who have been paying close attention to Mingmei infinity today should all know that if Apple’s autumn conference doesn’t open, the iPhone 12 related revelations will not stop one day. < / P > < p > not recently, there’s new news for the iPhone 12. Accessories manufacturers released iPhone 12 accessories in advance, and by the way, announced the appearance of the iPhone 12; Apple officials were busy making mistakes and accidentally leaked the live screenshots of the press conference; and analyst Guo Mingji was busy exposing the fact that the iPhone 12 battery was degraded. < / P > < p > and with the release of the iPhone 12 series approaching, the number of revelations about it has increased. Today we’ve seen a number of revelations about the iPhone 12 series again. Including its design sketch, final price, and even support for 120Hz refresh rate has a new turn. < / P > < p > so, what are the latest exposures of Apple’s iPhone 12 in 2020 that deserve the attention of Apple fans? The following numerous fruit powder people to listen to Mingmei infinite talk. < / P > < p > as September approaches, Apple fans around the world can’t wait to see the new iPhone come out. Not only is the iPhone 12 series going to change dramatically in appearance, but it will also support 5g networks. This is a big step for apple, which has always been conservative. < / P > < p > as the first 5g version of Apple’s new iPhone, the hardware configuration of the iPhone 12 series has been exposed. The iPhone 12 series mobile phones will be equipped with A14 processor and support dual-mode 5g Internet access with high-pass snapdragon baseband. < / P > < p > by the way, it’s reported that the iPhone 12 still has a 60Hz screen, but according to popular speculation, the two more advanced models may support a refresh rate of 120Hz, but Apple will not enable this feature due to battery problems. < / P > < p > some netizens spoke on the social platform. After upgrading the iPhone 11 pro to IOS 14 beta 5, they found the option of limiting the frame rate to 60Hz. In this regard, it seems that if Apple has not canceled this option, the iPhone 12 series is likely to support a 120Hz screen. < / P > < p > it is understood that the 120Hz display may indeed appear, and the new iPhone may not be equipped with ltpo backplane technology, nor will it have the adaptive refresh rate like the galaxy note 20 Ultra. < / P > < p > in addition, in terms of cameras, the rear four camera lens includes 12 million pixel wide angle lens + 12 million pixel long focus lens + 12 million pixel ultra wide angle lens + 3D TOF depth of field lens; the front dual camera includes 12 million pixel wide-angle lens + 3D lens. < / P > < p > the accuracy of the above-mentioned information can not be guaranteed. However, foreign media reported that Apple has started to record videos of the autumn conference, which means it is not far away from the conference. < / P > < p > now it’s revealed that Komiya has exposed the price of Apple’s iPhone 12 series, which Komiya suggests may be the final price of the iPhone 12 series. < / P > < p > in addition, there are also news that Apple has confirmed that it will cancel giving away cable chargers and headphones, and users need to buy their own fast charging kits, which were previously reported to be around 350 yuan. Although some people in the industry said that Apple’s iPhone 12 series model will be relatively cheaper than in previous years, and the service life of the phone has also improved. Awesome,

finally make complaints about the difference between the iPhone 12 standard and the iPhone 11 specification. The iPhone 12 Pro Max configuration is quite powerful, and the Samsung Note 20 series is too expensive to be tucking out by many users. There are no users in China at all, and there is uncertainty in HUAWEI Mate 40 series, if 5G iPhone. If 12 has an advantage in pricing, Android phones in the second half of the year are really out of competition. < / P > < p > in other words, the competition between Android and iPhone is not only about parameters and products, but also about ecology. Apple’s step-by-step consolidation of the ecological empire is not only simple, but also a series of hardware products, such as iPhone, MAC, apple watch and airpods, as well as services such as apple music, apple news and Apple TV +, are connected and connected by various means. The end result is a stronger user stickiness, a substantial increase in replacement costs, and iPhone user loyalty of more than 70%. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer