IPhone 12 folding concept machine: 8.8 “no bangs screen + 95% screen proportion, composed of 3 screens

Today’s apple mobile phone does not support 5g network, and there is no folding screen mobile phone. It is still stable and stable, and its appearance design is mainly based on Liu Hai screen. Although apple leaves the impression of being conservative, there are still a lot of fruit powder willing to pay. However, a new iPhone 12 folding concept machine recently released by foreign media shows a completely different design effect. Although such a mobile phone is likely not to be released, it is still worth seeing. After all, such a design is still very rare, and from the appearance of materials, the price should not be cheap. If Apple really releases a folding machine, you can save money immediately after reading it. < / P > < p > no matter Samsung or Huawei, folding screen mobile phones have been produced to the second generation. Compared with the first generation, it is not only more mature in technology, but also more durable. But the price has been high, mainly due to the high cost of screen material. The iPhone 12 folding concept machine also uses the OLED flexible panel provided by Samsung, which has the same folding times as Samsung in terms of durability. From the concept map, the unfolding is an iPad, but the wheelbase in the middle is hidden very deep, and there is no folding trace. However, the folding direction is still inward, that is to say, it can only fold 180 degrees, but the proportion of the screen is very high. < / P > < p > this iPhone 12 folding concept machine does not have bangs, because the front lens has been cancelled, you can only take self portraits by folding, taking pictures with the rear dual lens and unlocking the face. Interestingly, the operating system of the iPhone 12 folding concept machine is similar to the iPad OS, and also supports various split screen functions. One side displays the notification message, and the other side displays the desktop. You can also play games and watch videos while answering messages. In fact, the folding machine is also integrated with iPad functions, but in a completely different direction. The expanded screen support is 8.8 inches without bangs, so the proportion of screens is as high as 95%. < / P > < p > when folded, the iPhone 12 folding concept machine is actually a mobile phone with a long screen. The screen size is about five inches. In other words, there are three screens that can present different operation interfaces without affecting each other. The only one that doesn’t cover the screen has a vertical dual lens on the back. The camera function is similar to that of the iPhone 11, which supports night scene mode and intelligent HDR. However, the black edge of the screen on the back is obviously thicker, and the fuselage is long, so it looks a little uncomfortable in terms of visual experience. < / P > < p > in terms of usage, the iPhone 12 folding concept machine is not only similar to a folding machine, but also can be placed horizontally to look like a mini Macintosh. In terms of hardware configuration, A14 bionic chip is supported. It is rumored that the performance of the processor is almost comparable to that of MacBook Air, so it can also realize the operation of some computers. The thickness of the fuselage after folding is 11mm and that after closing is 5.5mm. Generally speaking, the fuselage is not too thick. However, the demand for batteries is relatively high, so we designed two batteries with a total capacity of 6000 ma. < / P > < p > conclusion: 8.8-inch screen without bangs + 95% screen, composed of 3 screens, all the highlights are concentrated on the screen.. But then again, the iPhone 12 concept has such a large screen that it will be very expensive. In terms of pricing, it is expected to be more than 18000. The design is in line with Apple’s style, but Apple will not release such a folding machine for the time being. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo

Author: zmhuaxia