IPhone 12: goodbye, you are not suitable for us!

Before and after the launch of the iPhone 12, the topic has been hot. Online controversy is also quite big, but when opening the pre-sale, it is not too much to describe it as “extremely hot”, and the first batch of reserved places are also snatched up in an instant. In the face of such a huge crowd, is the iPhone 12 really worth starting with? In this issue, we tell you three things: the iPhone 12 is not worth getting started with right now. < / P > < p > in fact, before the release of the iPhone 12 series, the problem of battery capacity was exposed in advance, and the overall battery capacity was reduced. But there are still many people who say that even if Apple’s battery power is reduced, it will last as long as the 4000 MAH Android. < / P > < p > but are you “slapped” now? According to the news released by online bloggers, if the iPhone 12 uses 5g network to turn off WiFi, according to the daily use, the power consumption will be from 95% to 55%, which only takes 2 hours. You can see that if you use 5g traffic for a long time, the power down speed of the iPhone 12 is a bit amazing. If you continue to calculate that the battery life is only 5 hours, it is estimated that someone should cry again. < / P > < p > then if you only use 4G network, how long will it last? Some netizens said that only turning on the 4G network to swipe videos and read messages, there was only 10% left in six hours. That can only say that the power of the iPhone 12 is really worrying. In this way, it’s a pity that the iPhone 12 doesn’t have a 120Hz high screen brush, otherwise the power may fall again and again. < / P > < p > are you sure? Maybe you don’t have a lot of feelings, but if you compare them carefully, you may find that Apple has a lot of “ingenuity”. First of all, with the iPhone 12mini, the overall price of the iPhone 12 will be raised. Apple has made a “good move”. Secondly, for the first time, the iPhone gave up the earphone and charging head, saying that it is for environmental protection. Do you think it can be trusted? < / P > < p > with the development of science and technology, the mobile phone camera is constantly optimized. To choose a mobile phone, the camera pixel is also considered. Although the original camera and image quality of the iPhone have been incomparable ability, but in terms of function and pixel, compared with Huawei, it has fallen behind. You say, it really meets your needs? In any case, for science and technology king, super wide angle and micro distance are indispensable. < / P > < p > the iPhone 12 is loved and expected by some people, but it is really worth starting with for many people. After all, why not buy a flagship Android at such a price? Super fast charging + big battery + high screen brush + multi-function camera, isn’t it fragrant? what you think? Welcome to leave a message for discussion. See you next time. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!