IPhone 12 has a hard injury! The bigger the fuselage, the more obvious, but there is good news

Apple didn’t release the iPhone 12 series at the press conference, but foreign media have not been idle. At present, foreign media said that Apple will release a new series of iphone12 phones on October 13. In addition, there are also rich contents about the iPhone 12 series. For example, the iPhone 12 is divided into four versions, namely, iphone12mini, iphone12, iphone12pro and iphone12promax, The body sizes are 5.7 “, 6.1”, 6.1 “and 6.7”, and the design of the iPhone 12 is similar to that of the iPhone 4, which is said to be a tribute to the iPhone 4. However, some foreign media reported that the flat metal frame design of the iPhone 12 is similar to the design concept of the iPhone 4, and there is a hard injury in the design. This hard injury is aimed at the hand feeling of the phone. The foreign media said that the iphone12 series of mobile phones will be held in the hand. Previously, the iPhone 4 used metal frame and front and back double-sided glass design, the body size is very small, the display screen is only 3.5 inches, so it is not obvious to hold it in the hand. The smallest size of the iPhone 12 series is 5.4 inches, and the largest iPhone 12 promax is 6.7 inches. The increase in size and weight of the phone makes the phenomenon more obvious. According to foreign media, the iPhone 12mini may feel the closest to the iPhone 4, and the iPhone 12 promax will have the most serious hand cracking. < / P > < p > but the good news is that of the four versions of the iPhone 12 series, only the iPhone 12promax is a true flagship. It is said that the rear camera module of the iPhone 12 promax is a separate mold, which is completely different from the rear camera of the iPhone 12 pro, and has a great improvement in photography. The iPhone 12promax supports sensor shift and OIS two major anti shake technologies. At the same time, the sensor size of the three cameras reaches 1 / 1.7 inches. It supports HD recording of up to 4K video at 120fps, and slow motion video recording at 4K 120fps / 240fps. < / P > < p > so there is a dilemma in the choice of iPhone 12, one side is the phenomenon of hand feeling, and the other side is the powerful performance. However, according to the current usage habits of consumers, they will wear protective cases on their beloved mobile phones. Therefore, it is estimated that the feeling of iphone12promax can be solved to a certain extent. After all, the mobile phone case also has a certain protective effect on the mobile phone. In addition, foreign media also said that the price difference between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro was only $100, because the fuselage size was the same, both were 6.1 inches, so there are many designs inside the fuselage that should be the same, and the difference will not be too big. If that’s the case, the iPhone 12 could be the least popular phone. Older posts →