IPhone 12 hides 7 details, I guess 99% of people don’t know all about it!

Or: mature I have not been moved, iPhone 12 is not as good as 13 fragrance, 14 this number do not like, as the saying goes 15 moon 16. < / P > < p > it has been revealed that the reason why the two models of iPhone 12 Mini / iPhone 12 Pro Max could not be sold at the same time was because they had not been approved by the US FCC. As for whether the truth is so, it is not known whether this is the case. The error of the launch time during this period will make the models in the “middle” get more sales. < / P > < p > only supports single card, which is not very friendly to Chinese users. This is a problem that users who need to use dual cards need to consider. Of course, other regions such as the US version and Hong Kong version still support non physical dual cards – one of which is ESIM virtual card, but China does not support it. < / P > < p > with 5g MMW support, the US version can get a more stable and fast 5g network, while the Chinese version lacks these two MMW bands and supports 17 5g bands. Will it affect our use? No, At present, we have no relevant millimeter wave band available. < / P > < p > the “brand” of baseband has always been known only after disassembly, because Apple generally does not disclose specific hardware data. However, according to the information we know at present, the whole system uses high pass baseband. < / P > < p > more accurate news comes from the supplier side. LG Innotek supplies the iPhone 125 g module substrate, while LG Innotek supplies accessories to Qualcomm. < / P > < p > the whole series of iPhone 12 uses a super ceramic crystal panel with four times the anti fall ability of the ordinary screen. Maybe the iPhone screen will not need to be repaired in the future. < / P > < p > the professional version uses 6G of memory and the non professional version of 4G memory. However, on IOS, the memory size is not strong in the process of use, and the adjustment of IOS is important. After all, it has happened that no matter how much memory there is, the background will be killed. < / P > < p > the release of the new iPhone has also brought a “surprise” to everyone. It is no longer equipped with charging head and earphone. It is explained that it is for Apple’s environmental protection goal, but you can buy these accessories. That’s all? < / P > < p > don’t rush to talk about the fact that Apple doesn’t treat all the same. In fact, Apple has no choice, because there are regulations in France that do not give away earphones. It’s worth noting that the price of the French version is higher than that of other countries. It’s up to you to choose whether you want more than a few hundred yuan or not? American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?