IPhone 12 hit Android’s weakness, 33.1% of users said they would switch to IOS

In that year, Nokia collapsed, the Windows Phone left the scene in dismay, and tizen was in trouble. The past decade has been a decade for mobile phone manufacturers. In this decade, we have witnessed many things that should not have happened, but actually happened. How many mobile phone manufacturers are disappearing in the long river of history, the only thing that can leave us may be a little fragmentary memories. < / P > < p > it seems that no one or anything can escape the rotation of time. The leaves will change from bright green to withered yellow, and people will change from young to old, which seems to be the rule of all things to find. Although the heart is unwilling, but also helpless. We have to admit that even the world’s most famous giant enterprises will come to an end. However, there seems to be an exception to everything, and Apple seems to be the exception. Since Apple no longer has a creative idea in appearance, many people begin to foresee that Apple will become the next Nokia. But surprisingly, in the past 10 years as a mobile phone manufacturer, Apple has still been strong, and there are even signs of growing even today. < / P > < p > this conclusion is based on a public opinion survey conducted by sellcell, a well-known data statistics agency, through an online store, and the subsequent results were almost unexpected. Statistics show that 33.1% of all Android users are moving towards the iPhone 12, intending to invest in Apple’s arms. Although the number of users participating in this survey is not too large, we can still observe some trend changes through data. When asked what caused them to move, their answers were surprisingly similar. Among them, 55.9% of the users who participated in the survey said that the main reason for this desire is not the smart phone itself, but that Apple’s service is so intimate. Compared with Android IOS, the update cycle is longer, and personal data protection is more rigorous. < / P > < p > at the same time, the data also counted the most favorite models of users participating in the survey. Among them, the compact iPhone 12 Mini was the most popular, with the expected value reaching 48.1%, followed by the top equipped iPhone 12 Pro max, followed by the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 max. The reasons are: longer software support, better privacy protection, compact size, better price%), better features, 5g connection, and better UI. < / P > < p > this means that after the iPhone 12 is released, its sales may be higher than Apple’s expectations, but I see another thing to pay attention to from this incident. That is “security and privacy”. As mentioned above, the times are constantly changing. No matter how big and well-known your enterprise is, you can never avoid the loss of users. This is not only the problem that Google has encountered, almost all enterprises have done their homework and put in a lot of costs in maintaining the operating user relationship. However, it seems that apple is the only one that really “captures” the hearts of users through its products. < / P > < p > as we all know, the loyalty of Apple users is terrible in the whole industry. Even if you sell Samsung first in the world and Huawei sells second, it will not help. So why can Apple capture the hearts of so many users? The governance of security and privacy issues is one of them. At this point, I believe that many iPhone users have not only moved to the Android camp, but also made practical efforts. It’s not that iPhone users are not determined enough. After all, the parameters of mainstream Android models are more realistic than those of iPhone, but I think most of them regret it in the end. < / P > < p > this can not be blamed on users, but on the chaotic ecology of Android Software. Take a colleague near me, tired of the long-standing appearance of the iPhone, and bought an Android phone. At first, there was no big difference between them. The iPhone can play with Android as well. But it didn’t last long. I switched back to the iPhone, asked why, and said, “I can’t stand the pop-up window.”. Although the permission is prohibited, it still can’t be as clean as the iPhone. When installing new software, it’s more obvious that the pop-up window of various permissions can’t be used if you don’t agree. < / P > < p > an application developer disclosed that in fact, the audit system of Android application market is as strict as IOS’s app store. However, because Android system is open source, there will always be some application developers playing the edge of the audit system to avoid some problems, so as to achieve their own goals. This also directly causes the phenomenon of pop-up windows in Android system, so there is no harm if there is no comparison, which directly highlights the advantages of IOS in terms of privacy. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!