IPhone 12 holds up Apple’s new record

Original title: iPhone 12 holds up Apple’s new record

Despite the criticism it received when the iPhone 12 was released, apple delivered a beautiful report card. On January 28, according to the results of the first quarter of fiscal year 2021 released by apple, the company’s single quarter revenue exceeded $100 billion for the first time, a record high, and its net profit also increased by 29% year on year.

This achievement is partly due to the reputation of Apple products and the arrival of market change tide, and partly due to the shortage of high-end products caused by Huawei’s ban. It is worth noting that Apple standing on the tip of Pyramid has been in the whirlpool of controversy. Whether it make complaints about Apple’s equipment and services or its physical entangled constitution is a problem that Apple has to face and solve.

Record high performance

According to the financial report, Apple’s net revenue in the first quarter was 111.439 billion US dollars, exceeding the market expectation of 102.758 billion US dollars, an increase of 21% compared with 91.819 billion US dollars in the same period of last year. This is the first time that Apple broke through the symbolic 100 billion US dollars mark in a single quarter, reaching a record high. Its net profit was 28.755 billion US dollars, exceeding the market expectation of 23.723 billion US dollars, 22.236 billion US dollars compared with the same period of last year Yuan, up 29%; diluted earnings per share was $1.68, up 35% from $1.25 in the same period last year, also exceeding analysts’ previous expectations.

It is worth noting that Apple’s revenue in Greater China in the first quarter was $21.313 billion, up 57% from $13.578 billion in the same period last year.

By product, Apple’s revenue from iPhone was $65.597 billion in the first quarter, up from $55.957 billion in the same period last year; from Mac was $8.675 billion, up from $7.16 billion in the same period last year; and from iPad was $8.435 billion, up from $5.977 billion in the same period last year.

However, Apple shares fell $1.1, or 0.77%, to $142.06 in regular NASDAQ trading on the day of the results.

This quarter is very important for apple, because it covers October, November and December. It is also the first three months of the year when Apple releases new products and the most profitable three months of the year. Shopping festivals such as “double 11” and “Black Friday” are also in these three months.

All by mobile phone?

With the global epidemic not alleviated, Apple’s success is largely due to the popularity of the iPhone 12 series.

According to the financial report, the global demand of the iPhone 12 series exceeded expectations, and the performance of iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max was the best. At present, Apple’s supply is normal and there will be no shortage.

Among them, the Chinese market users contributed a strong purchasing power to iPhone sales. “Two of the top three smartphones in China’s urban areas are apple phones,” said Apple CEO Steve cook

In fact, before and after the launch of the iPhone 12, the market was not optimistic about this product. On the one hand, the launch time of the iPhone 12 was a whole month later than that of Apple’s flagship in previous years; on the other hand, in addition to supporting 5g, the configuration of the iPhone 12 was also criticized at that time, and there were not too many highlights: for example, the tri camera and dual camera, which had been left behind by other mobile phone manufacturers, and the power adapter and earphone included in the iPhone product package were canceled; in addition, the iPhone 12 was also criticized Shortly after listing, some users complained about the green screen problem.

But even so, the iPhone 12 has won in the global market. “It can be seen that apple powder is very sticky. Although Apple has started to decline in innovation in recent years, and even started to follow some features of Android, users still trust apple.” Industry observer Hong Shibin pointed out that, of course, Huawei was subject to the US ban last year, resulting in a shortage of chips and a significant reduction in the supply of flagship aircraft, which also gave apple “an opportunity to take advantage of.”.

Major general Ding, an industry and economic observer, also believes that the current 5g replacement period has stimulated the rise of iPhone sales. In addition, Huawei’s sanctions have led to some vacancies in the high-end market, allowing the iPhone to fill the market.

Apple did not disclose the specific sales volume of the iPhone in the financial report. A reporter from Beijing business daily interviewed the relevant person in charge of the company, and the other side said “there is no more comment.”.

On the same day, IDC, an international data company, released the global mobile phone quarterly tracking report data, which showed that driven by the iPhone 12 series, apple returned to the top in the fourth quarter of last year with 90.1 million units of shipment, driving the global smart phone market to return to positive growth in the fourth quarter of 2020; while Huawei’s shipment volume was 32.2 million units, a sharp drop of 42.4%, and its market share was 8.4%, ranking only fifth.

In trouble

However, the image of Apple Corp, which make complaints about its performance, is always AB sided. It is deeply rooted in disputes of various kinds, and is also not refined by users.

Recently, according to foreign media reports, the Italian Consumer Association “altroconsumero” has filed a class action against apple over the “iPhone Battery Door” incident. Altroconsumero said in a statement that the association, on behalf of Italian consumers deceived by the practice, demanded 60 million euros (73 million dollars) in compensation from apple. During 2014-2020, the total sales volume of these old models of mobile phones in Italy is about 1 million.

In December last year, euroconsumers, a group of five European consumer agencies, filed a class action lawsuit against apple in Belgium and Spain over the “iPhone Battery Door” incident, claiming about 180 million euros (about 217 million dollars).

In addition, apple is facing a lawsuit accusing its mapping platform Apple maps of infringing two navigation related patents. The plaintiff is omnitek, a non practicing entity in New Jersey. In the lawsuit, omnitek said Apple maps infringed two patents on how users could configure their driving directions without manually entering addresses.

In addition, according to a customer survey conducted by consumer intelligence research Partners LLC, the average retail price of iPhones in the United States has risen from $809 a year ago to $873, driven by buyers’ preference for more expensive versions. The rise is in line with cook’s efforts to raise the average price of the iPhone to make each device more profitable.

Cook revealed in the conference call that Apple has more than 1.65 billion devices in the world, and more than 1 billion iPhones have been installed. “It’s Apple’s biggest asset right now, and it’s Apple’s biggest asset in the future.” “We don’t have a fixed criterion, but we take all the factors into consideration. The combination of hardware, software and services is meaningful,” he said

“The combination of software, hardware and services is Apple’s consistent way of playing. Apple needs to expand its capabilities in smart phones, PCs and other single products to more fields and scenarios, such as car travel and smart home, so as to realize the sharing of capabilities and the opening of scenarios.” Major general Ding said.

(editor in chief: Zhao Chao, LV Qian)