IPhone 12 is about to be released. From two aspects, wechat in China will not be banned

if iPhone12 really prohibits WeChat’s shaking, I believe many people will definitely give up, because these two software are really important in our life. It is said that the domestic users of tiktok WeChat have exceeded 1 billion, basically used for chatting, online payment or public service. If it is really prohibited, then the sales volume of iPhone will definitely drop sharply, even if the new products are sold. The same is true for the iPhone 12. < / P > < p > but is there really something wrong? It has been learned that according to the current situation, it is basically impossible. Let’s start with two points. The administrative order in the United States clearly specifies the application of “wechat”, which has nothing to do with “wechat” in China. Secondly, the app store of BOC is said to be an independent Irish company and has nothing to do with the United States. Therefore, even if the US prohibits WeChat from shaking, the iPhone12 released in China will not be banned. Tiktok can be assured. What’s more, cook will not let him do this in China’s huge market. He will fight with him to the end. If it is banned, he will certainly suffer huge losses. This is beyond doubt. < / P > < p > of course, this news is certainly good news for fruit powder. You can start with iPhone 12 without worrying about banning this or that. It can be used normally, right? Tiktok:

, OK, about the news of WeChat’s shaking, I simply shared it here. What do you want to say? Welcome to the discussion below. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”