IPhone 12 is coming, from 4835 yuan, can domestic mobile phone hold up?

Editor’s note: according to the normal process, the release date of the new iPhone is only about a month. However, the world is not peaceful this year, so Apple’s release has not been determined. But it is certain that we can see the iPhone 12 in the early part of the third quarter. This year is also the worst year for iPhone confidentiality. From appearance to hardware to price, it has been hit by media and bloggers. According to the latest disclosure, the price of iPhone 12 is only 4835 yuan, which is just the high-end market impacted by domestic mobile phones. Will Apple use the iPhone 12 series to seize the market share of domestic mobile phones? < / P > < p > of course, these prices are also based on the pricing of the U.S. version. However, from the iPhone 11 series, it can be seen that the pricing of the US version and the BOC version will not be much different. Apple is facing greater challenges in the Chinese market than ever before. Therefore, in terms of price, the standard version is likely to be as popular as this year’s iPhone 11. < / P > < p > in addition, the price range of iphone12 and iphone12max is exactly the main price range of domestic android this year. The difference is that this price level is only the entry-level price of iPhone series, but domestic mobile phones have spent a lot of time and energy to reach the current price level, which is not stable yet! < / P > < p > the brand image and the closed loop of IOS are still the biggest advantages of the iPhone series. Although you may have to endure signal problems and battery problems for this reason, the brand image is just the weakness of domestic mobile phones. Just like BBA has established its high-end brand image early, Tesla is also taking this step. It is really difficult for China’s automobile industry to catch up with it. After all, I What our manufacturers do first is market share, in exchange for market share with cost performance, and then to the impact of high-end, they will face greater difficulties! < / P > < p > before the news of iPhone 12 was disclosed, it was confirmed that the 5g baseband of Qualcomm was adopted. Then, the signal performance was much better than that of iPhone 11 and iPhone XS. However, from the perspective of previous iPhone products equipped with high pass baseband, the signal strength was not much better. Compared with some domestic hard core products, the experience was absolutely inferior. In addition, the charging speed will not be greatly improved. Now Android flagship has officially entered the ranks of 120W super fast charging. It is understood that the charging speed of iPhone is only 20W, and the battery capacity even needs to be reduced. Users still have to endure the steps of charging twice a day or even three or four times a day! < / P > < p > in addition to these pain points, first of all, the chip of A14 is very powerful, which will be the first flagship chip with 5 nm technology. According to the current performance arrangement, A14 will be at least half the size of Qualcomm. At the same time, the whole series of standard OLED screens this year, LCD will completely become the past. The iPhone 12pro Max will carry a 6.7-inch XDR screen with a resolution of 2688 * 1242 and PPI of 442. It supports hdr10 + technology and has a high refresh rate of 120Hz. It can be said that it will be one of the best screens at present. < / P > < p > in terms of photographing, it is still the ancestral 12 megapixel sensor, covering wide-angle, ultra wide angle and ultra long focus. The top products will also have one more 3D lens or lidar radar lens. It is needless to say that the continuous polishing and adjustment of the lens will restore the three 12 megapixel sensors to Apple’s 8-megapixel dominant era. < / P > < p > first of all, it depends on the efforts of Qualcomm on the next generation chip. Theoretically speaking, it is unlikely that Qualcomm will surpass apple in the absolute performance of the chip, so Android probably still lags behind the absolute performance of iPhone! However, the integrated baseband technology including 5 nanometers can reduce the power consumption and heating of high pass chips, which is more obvious for the improvement of Qualcomm snapdragon 865! With the support of stronger chips and flash memory specifications, fluency can actually match or even surpass the standard version of iPhone 12, which is enough. After all, the enemy of domestic mobile phones is not Pro Series! < / P > < p > and the continuous promotion of domestic mobile phones in hardware also dwarfs the iPhone, such as the super fast charging of 120W, and the smooth combination of high refresh rate + flash memory specification + storage specification! Continuous breakthroughs in cameras, such as the concept of 100 million pixels, including a larger base. So these are actually two solutions, one is continuous polishing, the other is to use the hardware to improve strongly. Luo Yonghao said in his speech many years ago that it takes time to polish a sensor, which is why Apple has not made great changes in sensors all the time! < / P > < p > the competition in the mobile phone industry reminds me of the competition in the field of electric vehicles. Even if bydihan has done everything it can, domestic new energy vehicles will spare no effort. However, in the eyes of consumers, Tesla is the first choice. It is very complicated to generate such willingness, and it can not be explained by worshipping foreign countries. After all, products should be talked about by experience. The experience of iPhone will change from 202 to 202 Will Android be able to be launched in a big way in 0 years? Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list