IPhone 12 is like this: iPhone 4 with long face

Today, all walks of life have played a tribute to the wind, the most typical is the fried very hot air Since the 31 generation, every generation since the 31 generation has paid homage to their predecessors. The connotation of salute is to follow the design gene of the predecessors. For example, the 31 generation is to copy the first generation and copy it, and then implant it into today’s technology, and then put it into the market. Therefore, we can see that the product design has changed from an open style to a practical proposition composition.

such an operation naturally has many advantages for enterprises, such as fast response speed, greatly reduced overall development cost, relying on classic products that have been verified by the market, easy to tell stories, and low cost of educating users. Therefore, in the case of the global economic trend being unreasonable, paying homage to classics has become the core means for enterprises to increase revenue and reduce expenditure.

in recent years, in order to harvest the market, iPhone has stopped playing luxury connotation and started to play with low price. The effect is obvious, so you can’t seem to feel that apple is still working hard on the design. The iPhone 12 to be updated this year may still disappoint many people in terms of design. Basically, it can be determined that it is the long face iPhone 4 + Liu Hai screen.

compared with previous generations, the only thing apple can stand up a little bit is that the story of the iPhone 12 is enough. After all, as a generation of Shenji in the process of history, the iPhone 4 was hard to find when it was charged thousands of times. Under the setting off of the story, low price entry may lead to many users scolding, and eventually they will pay for it.

it is reported that the new generation iPhone 12 will have three sizes of 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches. The estimated price is from 4999 yuan, and it may be available as early as October. Privacy Policy

Author: zmhuaxia