IPhone 12 launch confirmed, configuration basic exposure, sincerity?

With the continuous spread of exposure news, the overall configuration information of the iPhone 12 has become more and more clear, and apple has confirmed that it will hold a new product launch on the 15th to bring a new iPhone 12 series. Although most netizens were very excited by the news, many of them said that the upgrade of iPhone 12 was not sincere and even made people feel cold. < / P > < p > for the Apple fans, what we most hope Apple will change on the iPhone is the ID design. After all, no matter how you look at the big Liu Hai screen in this era of full screen, it is too abrupt. However, the iPhone 12 doesn’t care, and the phone will still be designed with big bangs. You may say that Apple has a unique 3D structured light, and it’s really impossible to achieve the ultra-small openings like Android at this stage. But, do you think apple can’t reduce the bangs a little bit? < / P > < p > fortunately, there are still some changes in the appearance of this mobile phone. The overall design goes back to the era of iPhone 5, and the frame is no longer polished with round edges, but with a strong right angle style. At present, although it may affect the overall feel of the hand, it still gives people a feeling of quite refreshing. < / P > < p > Apple’s signal problem has appeared in several generations of products. This time, the iPhone 12 is expected to improve. After all, this is a 5g product, and the baseband is also changed. There is no reason to continue to be poor. When the processor is upgraded to A14, I believe everyone is very relieved about the performance of Apple mobile phone. < / P > < p > however, the iPhone 12 still has a tough problem with its battery life, and the battery capacity is actually reduced compared with the previous products. You know, Android phones now basically use 4500mAh or even 5000mAh high-capacity batteries. Apple is still less than 3000mAh. I don’t know if you can bear it. The key is that the charging power has not been greatly improved, and even the charging head is no longer standard. < p > < p > from these aspects, many netizens said that the iPhone 12 made people feel cool this time, and it really made sense. However, this year, the entire mobile phone industry is not very good, so Apple wants to have a larger market share, and it must show some sincerity in the price. According to industry sources, this time the iPhone 12 will increase its volume without increasing its price, and the starting price will be consistent with the previous iPhone 11 series. So the iPhone 12 will also be a good value for money product. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”