IPhone 12 Navy Blue face overturns: one is the seller show, the other is the Buyer show

In recent years, apple mobile phone has been adhering to the design of Liu Hai screen, and there is not much innovation in the appearance, which also makes it difficult for different generations of Apple phones to be distinguished by users. < p > < p > for example, the dark green version of iPhone 11 was released last year, with a premium of more than 1000 yuan. When the iPhone 12 was launched this year, Apple announced that it would abandon dark green and replace it with navy blue. < / P > < p > a large number of yellow cattle are waiting for the opportunity. Before the products are sold, they set a high price for the new color iPhone 12 in advance. However, according to the latest situation, navy blue version of the iPhone 12 may let cattle lose another wave. < / P > < p > at present, many well-known technology bloggers and dealers have shown the real iPhone 12 machine in advance. However, the navy blue color matching performance that consumers most expect is disappointing. Many users give a brief and powerful evaluation after seeing the pictures of the real machine, such as rollover and return. < / P > < p > for the iPhone 12 Navy version, the official website pictures and the real pictures are the gap between the seller’s show and the buyer’s show. Compared with the real machine, we can clearly see that the iPhone 12 official website map has the operation trace of increasing saturation. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that although both iphone12 and iphone12pro have navy blue colors, the colors of the two mobile phones are not the same. The navy blue of iphone12pro is more advanced. Many pre-determined users say that the navy blue of iphone12 Pro is the blue color they expect when they purchase iphone12. < / P > < p > try it out. On the two iphone12 phones, apple displays one color in two different ways, which is probably intentional. After all, although the positioning of the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro are different, the overall design and core configuration are not too different. The screen size of the two phones is the same, and the resolution is the same. The application of right angle frame and Liu Hai screen makes it difficult for users to distinguish mobile phones from the front. < p > < p > internally, iphone12 and iphone12pro are equipped with the same processor. Although the storage size is different, because the IOS system is a fake background, the difference between the operation and storage will hardly affect the user experience. At present, the only intuitive difference is the number of rear lens, but such a small difference can’t make the iPhone 12pro rush to sell at a higher price. < / P > < p > in order to create a better market environment for the iPhone 12pro, changing color matching has become the most efficient means. Apple directly reflects the positioning difference between the two mobile phones through vision, which may be the root cause of color matching errors. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction

Author: zmhuaxia