IPhone 12 new news, with braided data cable, environmental protection or shrinkage?

In the first half of 2020, China mobile phone sales monitoring data, according to cinno research, Huawei accounted for 40.2% of the domestic mobile phone sales market share, and vivo accounted for 16.1% of the domestic mobile phone market sales. The sales share gap between oppo and vivo was not very large, reaching 15.6%. Apple’s sales market share in China is 11.8%. The fifth is Xiaomi’s mobile phone sales, with a market share of 10.3%.

just looking at the proportion of mobile phone sales in the domestic market, Apple’s sales are not the most prominent, but they are very bright spots. Among these five, in addition to Huawei’s share of mobile phone sales in the domestic market, Apple’s mobile phone sales volume has increased year-on-year.

as we all know, Huawei has new mobile phones on the market almost every month. April, may and June are the golden month for the flagship launch of mobile phones. Moreover, Huawei’s 5g mobile phones have become more and more popular in China. It can become the top mobile phone sales volume in China in the first half of 2020. This result is not surprising.

Apple didn’t release 5g products in the first half of the year, but the iPhone has its own characteristics and is very popular. As can be seen from the attention of the Chinese people on the iPhone products, and in the first half of 2020, the domestic sales market share of iPhone has increased by 3.4%, such as iPhone 11 series products, iPhone XS products, iPhone se 2 products and iPhone products 11 Pro Max sold well.

However, according to the data from C3 platform and safety Korea certification platform, the capacity of one of the 126.1 inch iPhone batteries may reach 2815 ma. Compared with previous predictions, the difference is not very big. Compared with many domestic mobile phones, the battery capacity of iPhone is relatively small, and its endurance is not an advantage.

at present, the iPhone 11pro Max is recognized as having strong endurance. The iPhone 12 will be equipped with IOS 14, and it will also use 5g mode. It will be tested to maintain or even extend the service life of the mobile phone under various programs running. At present, judging from the battery capacity of the mobile phone, the battery life of the phone should not be too good. However, it is not ruled out that the iPhone 12 also contains some surprises, which can reduce the energy consumption of the phone and prolong the service life.

recently, there was also news about the lens of iPhone 12. Kuo said that “iPhone 12 will adopt advanced camera lens provided by Largan”. The most likely way is to use periscope zoom lens. Ming Chi Kuo has previously said that in addition to upgrading, Apple has made improvements in the lens. It has also revealed that Apple will purchase high-quality lenses from Semco and sunny optical.

the latest macrumors report also said that the new iPhone LTE model will not appear until the end of October, and 5g new iPhone will appear in November. Not long ago, Apple has confirmed that it no longer comes with headphones and chargers, but the cable does. It is said that not giving away those products is for the sake of environmental protection. The data cable that the iPhone 12 will come with is lightning’s braided cable. It has two black and white, this data line is generally not easy to aging, looks beautiful and exquisite, but the white is generally not resistant to dirt.

when it comes to environmental protection, I remember that the actual appearance of the iPhone 12 previously exposed is the material design of the middle frame made of aluminum alloy. Many netizens have reflected that this may be Apple’s environmental protection design! A message later explained that because the iPhone 12 will use a flat glass design, i.e., a curved 2D tile design, this kind of shell design can provide better protection.

some of Apple’s environmental design is refreshing, but some people wonder whether it is really saving for the sake of environmental protection? Can’t Apple shrink to save? The real reason is not known.

apple is very confident in the performance of the iPhone 12 after its launch, and has purchased materials from many places to prepare for mass production of the iPhone 12.

Author: zmhuaxia