IPhone 12 Pro concept map: four curved waterfall screen, bold design, worth saving money early

For the design of the next generation of iPhone series, whether from the appearance or from the internal hardware parameters, it is a matter of concern to the outside world. Because originally Apple’s industrial design capability is very leading, and has taken the lead in designing the appearance that many domestic mobile phone manufacturers are competing to emulate. As the future flagship phone of Apple mobile phone, foreign media named the next generation of flagship phone as iphone12pro, which adopted bold avant-garde concept in the appearance design.

the appearance design of iphone12pro should be said to have broken through the current design shackles. We can see that the Liuhai screen on the screen has been cut off by the iPhone 12pro. At the same time, the four screens of the iPhone 12pro are designed with curved screen, so it seems that there is almost no border around the screen. In addition, the screen refresh rate of iPhone 12 Pro is upgraded to 120 Hz directly, and the display effect is excellent.

the surrounding screens of iphone12pro are designed with waterfall screen, and because of the waterfall screen design, there is no entity button in the frame of iphone12pro. But even without physical buttons, the functional buttons on both sides of the iPhone 12pro are designed with virtual touch. For example, the power button and volume adjustment button of the iPhone 12pro are touch controlled on the waterfall screen on the side. This design should be said to be very advanced.

in terms of display effect, the waterfall screen of iphone12pro is completely different from that of Samsung Huawei. The waterfall screen of iphone12pro is completely integrated with the front screen, that is to say, the waterfall screen of iphone12pro can also be used for content display, and the display content on the screen can be directly transferred from the surrounding waterfall screen to the front screen In addition, it is very natural to show that the content is too cohesive.

5g network support, which has attracted much attention from the outside world, has finally been embodied on the iPhone 12pro. This time, the performance of the iPhone 12 Pro is improved by 50%, while the power consumption is reduced by 30%, and it supports 5g network. In addition, the main frequency of the iPhone 12pro processor reaches 3G Hz, which is really powerful in performance. If nothing happens, the iPhone 12 Pro will be equipped with a new Apple A14 processor, as well as two-way wireless charging technology.

for the design of the rear camera of the iPhone 12pro, it should be said that it has been upgraded on the basis of the original. For example, the appearance of the rear camera is still square, but the number of cameras in the lens module is increased to 4, and the four cameras and a flash constitute the appearance of five cakes. For the design of the rear camera of the iPhone 12 pro, it is estimated that in addition to the increase in the number of cameras, the hardware part should still be 12 million pixels.

this design in the iPhone 12pro concept rendering image cuts off the Liu Haiping screen, uses the front camera hidden under the screen, the four curved waterfall screen, and the rear Yuba four camera design. Do you think it meets your requirements? Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865

Author: zmhuaxia