IPhone 12 Pro concept map: upgrading is like an old lady’s foot wrap. Is faith worth recharging?

Although apple new product launch did not release a new iPhone 12, it does not mean that the iPhone 12 will not be released, so the outside world is still looking forward to the arrival of the iPhone 12. The media has sorted out the relevant information of the current iphone12, and also made the relevant concept rendering map according to their own ideas. Let’s enjoy the concept rendering of this set of iphone12pro. In this group of concept rendering diagrams, the iphone12pro is still very beautiful. The front screen design of the iphone12pro should be said to be familiar with the appearance design, that is, the screen screen Liu Haiping is still retained. But the retention of liuhaiping of iphone12pro also indicates that apple still has some defects in the technology upgrading, such as the technical problems of front camera and face recognition unlocking module have not been broken through, so it has to continue to cover up the screen with the design of Liuhai screen. In addition to Liu Haiping’s design, the hardware parameters of the screen part of iphone12pro are not optimistic. For example, the refresh rate of the screen of the iphone12pro is still 60 Hz, not 120 Hz, and the resolution of the screen is less than 2K. So the overall display effect of the iphone12pro should be said to maintain a high level, but it is difficult to make further breakthroughs. For the design of the fuselage, the iphone12pro has a great improvement compared with the previous generation of iphone11. Although the lens module of the rear camera is still square and also designed in the upper left corner of the fuselage, the number of rear cameras of the iphone12pro has been improved, and an additional camera is added compared with the iphone11. The number of cameras in the lens module of the iPhone 12pro has been upgraded from three to four, but it is interesting that the layout of the three large-scale cameras on the original iphone-11 has not changed, but a small camera is added under the right camera head on the basis of retaining the original three cameras. It is said that the newly added camera of iphone12pro is a lidar scanning camera, which is mainly used to assist the photo taking of the iphone12pro, and also has a great help for VR and ar. If the hardware parameters of the iphone12pro are not unexpected, it should be equipped with the A14 bionic processor which apple just released. This is a 5-nanometer processor. However, there are media that the performance of A14 processor is not very high, and apple compares A14 processor with A12 processor at the conference. So what is the performance of iphone12pro? At present And it’s only after it’s on the market that it’s time to uncover the mystery. Do you think the design of the iPhone 12pro in the concept rendering diagram meets your requirements? If the iphone12pro is actually on the market as designed in the concept rendering, will you support and buy it first? Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia