IPhone 12 promax run points exposed, apple A14 disappointing, less than the snapdragon 865

Although the iPhone 12 didn’t show up at Apple’s new product launch this year, A14 processor and ios14 system have also been successful. After all, for most consumers < / P > < p > however, the early debut of A14 processor and ios14 system also exposes the shortcomings of iPhone 12 to a certain extent. There are few new functions in IOS 14 system, and most of them are the remaining technology of Android playing. Compared with ios13, ios14 has not changed much except that it is more stable. A14 chip is the focus of Tucao, and Cook said that the iPad Air4 equipped with A14 chip was running faster than the previous generation. Many fruit powder was make complaints about this progress, according to the 30%. < p > < p > but in fact, most people ignore a key message – the previous generation of iPad air is equipped with A12 chip, which has 30% performance compared with A12 chip, which is equivalent to 17% performance improvement on the basis of A13 processor. Considering that the A13 processor uses the 7Nm process, the A14 processor uses the 5nm process, and the process upgrade will also lead to the improvement of processing performance. Therefore, compared with A13, the change of A14 is almost negligible. < p > < p > in addition, on September 19, Angora also exposed the running score of the iPhone 12pro max. According to the data, the total test score of iPhone 12pro Max is 572000, which is less than 50000 higher than that of iPhone 11pro Max released last year, which is far from the flagship of snapdragon 865. Although the performance of Apple’s mobile phone is not necessarily related to the running score, it can be found that the improvement space of iPhone 12pro Max is really very small. < / P > < p > even though Apple’s iPhone 12 series is still the most powerful product in the market in the coming year, it is undeniable that the advantages of Apple’s mobile phone are slowly disappearing. And in part, Apple has lost out to competitors. A14 processor will plug in snapdragon x55 baseband to realize 5g network connection. And x55 baseband performance and process technology are significantly behind the competitors. < / P > < p > the traditional advantages are not preserved, and the new features are at a natural disadvantage. This is where users are most disappointed with the A14 chip. However, even so, I believe that the final sales of the iPhone 12 series will not be too bad. After all, not every user is critical when choosing a mobile phone. < / P > < p > in fact, in terms of user experience, relying on the advantages of software and hardware combination, the iPhone 12 series will not be overtaken by domestic mobile phones in a short time. What do you think of the performance of the A14 chip? Do you think the performance of Apple’s A14 will affect users’ evaluation of the iPhone 12 series? Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year