IPhone 12 real machine back shell exposure, residual blood version A14, released next month 13!

As the most famous technology company in the world, Apple’s iPhone is almost a household name, and it is also regarded as the representative of the most high-end mobile phones. Although there are many more expensive models on the market than the iPhone, such as Samsung note20 ultra, Huawei P40 pro, and even the Xiaomi 10 premium version is more expensive than the iPhone 11, it is still unique, with independent apps After the store and IOS platform, it is also the object that the majority of Android phones can not surpass. At present, the apple new product most expected is undoubtedly the annual flagship iPhone 12, and now it has officially entered the stage of mass production! According to media exposure, there are two OEM factories for the iPhone 12 series, one of which is Foxconn, which has been cooperating all year round, and is mainly responsible for the production of high-end iPhone 12 Pro Series. Since this year, lichen precision has also become Apple’s OEM factory. According to many media reports, Apple hopes to challenge Foxconn’s leading position in iPhone OEM by supporting lichen precision. However, considering the technical gap between lichen precision and Foxconn in terms of technology, it mainly manufactures some old iPhones, including the entry-level version of iphone12 Mini. Now comes the news, the iPhone 12 real machine back shell exposure, residual blood version A14 chip appears, will also be released next month 13! According to Jon Prosser, a well-known source of information, the iPhone 12 does not have a 120 Hz refresh rate, which may mean that Apple will not be able to design a high-speed screen this year. This situation has also been verified by Angora, and the previous group of suspected iphone12 The running score data of Pro appears in the Android database, and its UX score is almost the same as that of the previous generation of iPhone 11, which means that the iPhone 12 series is not equipped with high-speed screen. Considering that most of the current Android flagship machines are 90hz, Samsung Xiaomi has created a 120Hz screen, and the iPhone 12 has no chance of high brush, which means that the technology is one year behind! But what’s good for apple is that the smooth performance of IOS 14 is enough to compete with all Android flagship machines! < / P > < p > according to the latest news, the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Max The company will give priority to mass production, which currently accounts for 40% of all the production capacity of the iPhone 12 series, which means that Apple’s main flagship machine this year is the iPhone 12. In the past two years, the cheap iPhone has become the number one in sales, and continues to sell well in the domestic market. No accident, the iPhone 12 will become Apple’s main model this year, and the audience of iphone12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro will be much smaller! As for the date of the launch, Jon Prosser also pointed out that he would not appear at the press conference next week, but would most likely be released on the 13th of next month and put on sale on the 16th. < p > < p > it is reported that after evaluating the market demand, the iPhone 12 series plans to mass produce 70 million units, which shows how much confidence cook has in it. Last year’s iPhone 11 was not equipped with 5g network, but eventually became the sales champion under the low-cost mode. Now, the iPhone 12 has brought dual-mode 5g network and stronger A14 bionic chip. At that time, its competitiveness will be greatly improved. Especially in the context of the collective price rise of Android phones, a large part of fruit powder will continue to use iPhone, while some Android party friends will consider switching to iphone12. In the countdown to the launch, a 6.1 inch iPhone 12 Pro rear case video was exposed on twitter today. In addition to the three camera module, a lidar design was added. < / P > < p > the credibility of this video is still very high. As early as the previous iPad pro, Apple has been adapted to the lidar scanner. Now this technology is applied to the latest iPhone 12 Pro Series, which greatly improves the photo taking strength and brings better portrait mode shooting effect. As for the price, it is reported that the lowest version of the iPhone 12 Mini is 5499, but it carries the residual blood version of the A14 chip, code named B14 chip. Will you buy it? Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

Author: zmhuaxia