IPhone 12 release date locked, second week of October, see you in November for Pro version

Recently, Jon Prosser, a well-known overseas informant, announced the specific release dates and product details of iPhone 12 series, new iPad and apple watch. He had correctly predicted the release date of the second generation of the iPhone se, so his credibility was high. According to reports, Apple will hold a new product launch of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Series within the week of October 12, and will open the reservation of iPhone 12 models in the same week. The specific delivery start date is October 19, which is one week after the start of the booking. However, the iPhone 12 Pro model is not expected to be available until November. < p > < p > Prosser also revealed that the next generation iPad 10.2 and apple watch series 6 will be on sale from September 7. Apple will not hold a special press conference for these two products, but will release them in the form of official news like airpods pro. He added that the prices of the two products are relatively moderate. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has been severely damaged by the development of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and consumer budgets have been limited. Apple also hopes that products can penetrate into a wider market and cover more price segments,

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