IPhone 12 “released in advance”, the price is basically no suspense, obvious advantages and disadvantages!

What’s different from previous years is that this year’s Apple’s autumn conference didn’t release the iPhone, but released iPad and Iwatch and other peripheral products. What’s more intriguing is that Apple gave the top 5nm chip A14 to the iPad air for the first time. It seems unreasonable. The unexpected absence of iphone12 also makes many netizens feel cold. After all, many people hope to get this 5g mobile phone as soon as possible. Many students’ party friends are also thinking about changing a mobile phone when school starts. However, as the iPhone 12 is in the long run, we can only start some domestic mobile phones for transition. It is really a great loss to postpone the release of iPhone 12! < p > < p > in addition to Apple mobile phones, Huawei is also preparing for the launch of the new generation mate40 series, and will also bring 5nm Kirin 9000 chips. Considering that Huawei mate 40 will be launched soon, everyone’s enthusiasm for Apple mobile phone is declining! However, after summarizing so many iPhone 12 configuration messages, its core configuration is also at a glance, leaving no suspense. Since the iPad air is equipped with Apple’s A14 chip, its performance is also synchronized with that of the iPhone 12. Thanks to the excellent 5nm TSMC process, the CPU has 11.8 billion transistors and the A13 has 8.5 billion transistors. < / P > < p > with the significant improvement in the chip process, the AI computing power of the iPhone 12, including GPU performance, will also be greatly improved. From the press conference site, it is introduced that the A14 chip has increased by 40% compared with A12, and uses six core CPU architecture and four core GPU, but in fact, the improvement is not obvious compared with A13, even the performance improvement is not visible to the naked eye! The biggest selling point of the iPhone 12 is that it supports dual-mode 5g, so the 5g network can be realized by the way of external high-pass 5g baseband, and the performance of dual-chip combination is more powerful. The CPU also includes 16 core neural engine, which can achieve 11 trillion operations per second at the fastest speed. < / P > < p > with the powerful computing power, the algorithm of iPhone 12 camera will also be comprehensively improved, which can process night scene photos more quickly. Apple’s multi frame noise reduction technology is quite reliable. It is worth mentioning that some bloggers have exposed that the real name of iPhone 12 is iPhone 12 mini, rather than iPhone 12. Instead, the large screen version of iPhone 12 Max has been renamed as iPhone 12. As for the screen, the much criticized LCD screen was finally abandoned by apple, and the entire iPhone 12 system was upgraded to a flexible screen. The size of the iPhone 12 is only 5.4 inches, which is similar to the current iPhone E2. It has a great grip on one hand! < / P > < p > 5.4-inch OLED screen supports 1080p resolution, but does not support high swipe screen design. The iPhone 12 mini version is only a post dual camera module, and the lens parameters are almost the same as those of the iterative iPhone 11. Unfortunately, the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 Mini will shrink seriously, with an exposure of only about 2227 MAH. It supports fast charging technology, but no headphones and chargers will be delivered! Finally, the iPhone 12 storage is upgraded to 128GB for the first time, so as to meet your application download requirements to the greatest extent. There is almost no suspense about the price. When the configuration of the iPhone 12 is greatly improved, the price will not be lower than that of the iPhone 11, which will be maintained at 5499 yuan. < / P > < p > it seems that the iPhone 12 is “released ahead of time”, and the strength of Apple’s A14 chip is also disclosed in advance. The price is basically not in suspense. The above advantages and disadvantages are obvious. Will you still buy it after watching it? Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine