IPhone 12 screen spy photos exposed, the big bangs are almost nobody, 4G version of the low price to seize market share

Before the off screen camera technology is mature, the hole digging screen has been the first choice of many flagship mobile phones. Compared with Liu Haiping screen, it not only has a higher proportion of the screen, but also has a more attractive appearance. Last year, iphone11 series still used Liu Haiping, and make complaints about it continuously. This year’s plan will continue. According to the spy photos of the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 screen, the size of the bangs of the machine is basically the same as that of the iPhone 11, and it is still a large banging screen design. In this way, it is only the iPhone.

from the spy photos on the screen, we can see that the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 is really small, even smaller than the new iPhone se with a 4.7-inch symmetrical screen. One hand operation is quite convenient, and the 5.4-inch screen is just right for chasing drama, browsing or chatting. The real small screen flagship is coming. The big bangs on the top of the screen are really a little abrupt, but the recognition is higher. As the first 5g model of the iPhone, even the big screen will not affect the sales of the iPhone 12. Apple’s brand appeal is indeed incomparable to other manufacturers.

in addition to the four 5g models, the 4G version of the iPhone 12 series has been rumored for a long time. Recently, it was reported that the 4G version of the iPhone 12 may be named the iPhone 12e, with two models of 5.4 inch and 6.1 inch. Equipped with LCD Liu Hai screen, only support 4G network, faceid unlock. Like the 5g version, it is equipped with a new A14 bionic chip, equipped with 4GB storage, and equipped with dual 12 megapixel cameras. The price is cheaper than the 5g version, with the 5.4-inch 4G version starting at $549 and the 6.1-inch version at $649. If the price is true, it will have market impact.

according to the news from the upstream industry chain, it is estimated that 4G and 5g networks will coexist for a long time in the future, while 4G version smart phones will still have large market space, and Apple will not withdraw from the 4G mobile phone market prematurely. In addition, 4G version can also reduce production costs, attract more users at a lower price, so as to seize more market share. In addition, for price sensitive users, experiencing the new iPhone is more exciting than experiencing 5g.

Author: zmhuaxia