IPhone 12 series battery capacity exposure, if the results are true, may let you down

At present, the relevant information about Apple’s new iPhone 12 is as follows: there are four models, namely, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 max, iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 Pro max, which are designed with Liu Hai screen, equipped with LG and Samsung OLED screens, equipped with their own A14 bionic processor, all of which support 5g. In addition, the iPhone 12 series will cancel charging head and headset.

in terms of batteries, unlike Android phones, Apple’s mobile phones generally have a small battery capacity, most of which are 2-3 thousand MAH. The same goes for the iPhone 12 this time.

in addition, new 5W and 20W chargers have been found on this 3C, which is also Apple’s maximum power fast charging. Compared with Android’s fast charging of 45W, 65W, 100W and 120W, it is indeed pediatrics.

for a long time, Apple’s small battery and fast charging without standard configuration have been criticized. However, in fact, its endurance is OK. This is mainly due to Apple’s own optimization and the closed IOS system. Although there is no problem with charging the battery every day, it is a bit inappropriate to have no standard fast charging.

Author: zmhuaxia