IPhone 12 series price exposure: 5g cost increases greatly, how to avoid price increase?

Although Apple has not yet finalized the release date of the iPhone 12, the price of the latest version of the iPhone 12 series has been revealed. Informant @ Komiya revealed today the price of Apple’s iPhone 12 series, suggesting that this is the “final version.”. Supporting 5g will inevitably increase the cost of iPhone 12. How can Apple keep its price up? However, 5g did not come out of thin air, but increased hard costs significantly. In order to smooth out the 5g cost of the iPhone 12, Apple may do a series of “dirty operations”, such as shrinking the battery, canceling the charger, and even not including headphones. In order to ensure Apple’s consistent high profit margin, is the iPhone 12 made by Apple really worth buying? Guo Mingzhen, an old friend of apple powder and a well-known analyst, said in the latest report that only 5g accessories of the iPhone 12 series could increase the single cost of Apple by $125. Specifically, apple is expected to cost $75 for its sub-6ghz 5g iPhone 12, and $125 for the mmwave 5g version. < p > < p > among all 5g accessories, the high pass snapdragon x55 5g baseband is the most expensive. The chip supports SA / NSA dual-mode networking, with a maximum download rate of 7 Gbps. According to the price of this exposure, the smooth transition has indeed been achieved, but it should be emphasized that after the release of the new machine, the iPhone 11 will be greatly reduced, and the reference will be reduced. In addition to price hikes, Guo said Apple may downgrade batteries and printed circuit boards, and impose price pressure on suppliers to further control costs. According to information leaked by South Korean certification authority, the iPhone 12 has a capacity reduction of nearly 30%, which may be caused by the space occupied by 5g chips. < p > < p > however, foreign digital experts have already got a real machine for actual measurement. The iPhone 12, which has a battery shrinkage of nearly 30%, has an increase of 3-4 hours compared with the previous generation. This is mainly due to the power of 5nm process A14 chip, and the progress of process technology brings lower power consumption. But then again, wouldn’t it be better to have a bigger battery? < / P > < p > in addition to starting where users are not easily aware, there are rumors that the iPhone 12 will also cancel the attached charging head and earpods headset. Apple’s 5V1A old charge head has been make complaints about many users. This time, cancel it directly and see what you say. As for the earphone, the analysis thinks that it is to stimulate the sales of airpods series wireless headphones. Basically speaking, it’s all about reducing costs. However, there are also some views that a large number of duplicate attached charging head is undoubtedly a waste of resources. In addition, with the emergence of wireless fast charging, the traditional line charging method will be gradually eliminated. Careful taste of a product seems to say that there is a bit of truth, then do not spend money on wireless fast charging to where to get it? Cost control is not an absolute bad thing, after all, it will make the price more reasonable with sufficient profit and good experience. If it wasn’t for these subtle cost controls, the price of the iPhone would have gone up and lost its competitiveness. Therefore, the past iPhone is the product of cost game. < / P > < p > as for the question of whether the iPhone 12 is worth it, there is no standard unified answer. But if I were to choose, I might choose the next generation of iPhone 12. After all, the cost of the first generation 5g version is a little high, and the demand for 5g is not urgent at present. Maybe these situations will be greatly improved next year. < / P > < p > so you see, the classic ones in the past were iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6S plus, which are based on optimized versions of previous generations. Although models have changed, the pace of technological development has not changed. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”