IPhone 12 series price exposure, 64g sales start at 4700 yuan, A14 points exposure

The iPhone hasn’t officially released the exact date of the press conference, but according to the information from relevant channels, it should be released this month, which should be around the 16th. However, there are more and more reports about the iPhone. In addition, there are several models on the market this time to cover more price positions, so as to cope with the current fierce competition in the domestic market. Although Apple said it didn’t comply with users in many things, it also had to consider the feedback from the market, especially the four giants catching up. < / P > < p > in the configuration, according to the Convention, the A14 chip is carried, which is the most powerful chip at present, and the parameters of A14 have already appeared on the running website. Single core runs 1583, multi-core runs 4198, carries 6-core processor, basic frequency is 2.99ghz. It is speculated that the running equipment is the iPad air. Compared with the A12, the performance has increased by about 18%. However, the iPhone may not be equipped with a charging head this year, so it is not certain whether the A14 will be adopted or not. It is possible not to use it at a low price. < / P > < p > in the field of chips, Apple should finally eat both mobile and PC terminals. At present, PCs are using their own chips instead of Intel. In the future, chips will be completely independent. We have to admire Apple’s accomplishments in the chip industry. Qualcomm has been trying to build PC side processors for so many years, but Apple has been able to do it. Huawei is the only one that has this capability in China. Unfortunately, Huawei is facing the crisis of power supply interruption. Otherwise, Huawei will be able to compete with Qualcomm and apple in the chip field in the next few years. < / P > < p > the new iPhone will increase, of course, the cost will also increase. However, the price of iPhone has been rising in recent years because domestic manufacturers have been holding down the price, so although the price of iPhone has increased, it does not dare to exaggerate, but it will tamper with the memory, such as forcing you to buy 256g products and deliberately failing to produce 128G specifications. And the difference between the two prices is more. This way, to some extent, forces users to choose. In this way, we can achieve the goal of apple. However, because the ecology of apple is very good, many people are already in the ecology of apple, so they have to continue to use apple. < / P > < p > in terms of price, a source has disclosed that the entry-level iPhone 12 Mini will bring a 64GB version of $649, while the iPhone 12 will provide a 64GB version of $749. The price of the mini version is about 4700 yuan, and the domestic version should cost about 5000 yuan. However, all major platforms will have subsidies at that time. Maybe the price will drop a little. Mobile phone make complaints about iPhone12, which is a little bit out of line, and the price starts at 5000 yuan, and it is 64G storage. In the entire mobile phone market, only apple dare to do so. Other manufacturers dare not operate like this, and will be tucking away by users. But Apple doesn’t care. < / P > < p > the high positioning iPhone 12 Pro is $999, and the top equipped iPhone 12pro Max is $1099. Anyway, the top configuration in China should be around 10000 yuan. At present, this price should be relatively reliable, because there have been many reports about the price, which is basically similar to this one. Based on the current level of competition in the domestic market, Apple should not be too confident. So it can be used as a reference to a certain extent. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!